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Posted: April 11, 2012 by djplaymaker in MLB, NBA

Not afraid to say anything, Ozzie pissed off "lil Cuba". Will they forgive him

I know it’s Tuesday, but so far we’re having a crazy sports week. We got Parcells turning down the job to coach the Saints while Sean Payton’s suspended, Bobby Petrino getting canned from Louisville after lying about not having anyone w/ him durning his motorcycle accident & baseball in it’s 2nd week (Dodgers are 4-1 while my Yanks are 2-3). However, 2 topics caught my attention. You’re definitely going to hear my opinions on them. Here we go.

Ozzie being Ozzie – Great going Ozzie Guillen. You got yourself in a public relations in the city of Miami when you said in a Time magazine interview that you love Fidel Castro. I don’t know my politics, but I know Cubans cringe up when they hear that name. His political history is well known. Like they say, sports & politics don’t mix. They built a new ball park & signed players like Jose Reyes Jr. to basically put Latin fans in the seats. However, the Cubans are pissed about the comment. He said he said the comment in Spanish. Hello, whatever you say, regardless of what language you say, it comes out the same. That’s why they have translators. He’s lucky the Marlins suspended him 5 games, hoping this situation dies down soon. It better because if they struggle or not performing to the fans’ demands, I can see Ozzie getting fired. Like I say, don’t mix sports w/ politic & watch what you say.

His stay in Dallas was short like lepercahuns. Could he return to La La land or become a Knick?

Lamar’s Dallas divorce – What a year for Lamar Odom. First, he was part of the deal that would had send CP3 to the Lakers til David Stern vetoed it. Feeling butt hurt, he demanded a trade (he denied it couple weeks ago), gets his wish. They send him to Dallas, basically for nothing but a trade exemption, & now he’s done for the yr. The Mavs put him on the inactive list after a disappointing season where he’s averaging career lows in points w/ 6.6, 4.2 rebs in 20 mins. His heart wasn’t in Dallas. He wished he was still in L.A. Now we found out all things came to a head when he got into a heated exchange w/ Mark Cuban. Cuban basically asked him “where’s his heart at”They still owe him $8.9 million this yr. You could had released him, knowing that it was too late for any team (Lakers) to sign him for the play-off race. He still has yr left on his contract. Kobe wants him back. I wonder if he would let bygones be bygones w/ Jim Buss, swallow his pride & come back home. We’ll find out after season’s end.

That’s my time. Happy b-day shoutouts to Joaquin Daniels, Veronica Rivas, Judie Luna, Eric Contreas, Veronica Barba, Rachel Caridee, my boy Chris Landrum (trying to make it this Friday), my favorite bartender @ Havana House Lynette Garcia, Chantel Burdick, & da Homie Steven Screws. Speaking of Screws, make sure you check out his blogs “Screws You” (good one this week on Carmelo becoming the Knicks’ leader). I forgot to say this last week, but thanks to my So Much Soul family (Raul & Crystal Carazoca) for letting me opening up the night @ Bubble Gum Tuesdays! Catch ya next blog!!



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