Titles & Pulling cards

Posted: April 5, 2012 by djplaymaker in NBA, NCAA, NFL

Your kings of 2012 college b-ball

What a week we had in sports!! We crowned two national champions in b-ball (congrats to Kentucky & Baylor), Gregg Williams getting caught on tape issuing bounties, Nike unveiling new NFL uniforms & the NBA on their play-off push as well as Stan Van Gundy calling out Dwight Howard. We’re going break these topics!!

NCAA B-ball champs- Monday & Tuesday, we crowned two champions in college basketball. Kentucky was the heavy favorite all season. It finally got a title for John Calipari. He’s took 3 school to the final 4 & now he can call himself a champion. He has a squad w/ 2 of his players (Anthony Davis & Michael Kidd-Gilchrist) the next candidates of the “one & done” motto. Davis had a poor shooting game, but did the right tangibles to help them team. Question for next yr, can they repeat? You’re losing Gilchrist & Davis, plus even though Calipari said he’s not going anywhere, you may never know. If the right NBA team calls him & gives him the right offer, then see ya Kentucky. For the Baylor women’s team, they went undefeated @ 40-0. I don’t care if it’s a men or women team, undefeated is undefeated in either way. Brittany Griner brings excitement to women’s b-ball. It helps that she dunks, something we haven’t seen since Lisa Leslie & Chaminque Holdsclaw do. I’m glad she’s staying for her senior yr because if she had declare for the WNBA draft, she would had gotten more overseas. She has a man’s game in her DNA.

You got caught, what to do now?

Gregg Williams- Someone got caught w/ their hands in the cookie jar. Apparently before the divisional playoff game between the Saints & 49ers, Gregg Williams motivated his defense to injure several 49ers. I understand a coach’s job is to motivate his players, but these players have families & if they’re injured & career threatening, you’re taking food out the families’ mouths. The funny thing about this story is that the filmmaker Sean Pamphilon was doing a film about former Saints special teams player Steve Gleason, who’s suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Williams was caught off-guard & now Gleason’s mad because he wasn’t authorized to publicize what he recorded. Talk about a cover-up. Sean Payton was appealing his suspension today & this comes out! Not looking good for him.

Does Dwight want Stan gone? Apparently, SVG thinks he doe

Stan Van Gundy vs Dwight Howard- What a year for Dwight! He was in trade rumors all yr. Trade deadline passes & he’s still in Orlando, talking about “He’s all in” for the team. Now Stan Van Gundy tells the media that Dwight wanted him gone. Dwight’s never denied it, but he’s asked who was the source who leaked it out. I like that he did that. I hated when reporters say “I got sources”, but won’t reveal them. Be a man about it. However, some of this is Dwight’s fault. He’s been emo all year. Flip flopping from wanting to be traded to now he wants to stay. If Orlando gets knocked out in the 1st round of the play-offs, he’s gonna to do the same rountine in the summer.

That’s my blog for this week. We got the NBA playoffs in 3 weeks, the NFL draft in 2 week baby. Baseball’s started, (go Yankees & Dodgers). Happy belated b-day shoutout to Chanel Raelene (congrats on the expecting child). Happy b-day shoutouts to April Benton, Sara Nunez (happy to hear the news about your son’s progress) my cousin Kimberly Curry, Eric Contreas, Evita Ortiz, Joaquin Daniels, & Veronica Rivas. Lake Show still runs L.A, however I wouldn’t mind a playoff series between Lake Show & Lob City. Catch ya’ll on the next blog & make sure you check out the homie Screws blog “Screws U”



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