Showtime @ Chavez Ravine

Posted: March 28, 2012 by djplaymaker in MLB

It's winning time @ Chavez Ravine

One word says it all today: Magic. That’s right, it’s official. Last night, the news that shocked the Los Angeles area. A group led by Magic Johnson & former Atlanta Braves president Stan Kasten won the bid from Frank McCourt to buy the Dodgers for a whopping $2 billion dollars. Yes, that’s not a typo, $2 billion dollars. He also made history as the 1st African American owner to own a MLB team. The reaction to the announcement of Magic purchasing the team is priceless. I know a lot of my friends on Facebook was hyped. It got more buzzed than the Angels signing Albert Pujols & C.J. Wilson. I’m a Yankees fan, but I love this news because I grew up watching Magic run Showtime for the Lakers. Even Matt Kemp on his Twitter says “ It’s time to build a dynasty”. However, like the saying goes, there’s a gift & a curse. The gift, Magic purchasing the team & the curse, McCourt keeps half of the parking lots. Why? He & his ex-wife gave the Dodgers promises about winning & making Chavez Ravine like Universal Studios when they bought those 250 acres & the parking lot before the “new downtown L.A” was invented. However, McCourt got in debt & his divorce trial made the fans frustrated, not coming to the games even when they finished w/ an 81-80 record last yr. He used the team as his personal piggy back, but like the song says, “A change is going to come” Thank you Magic for ending this nightmare. I know this will bring excitement & light a fire under the team. I hope to catch some games this yr. To use one of your favorite phrases, “it’s winning time” @ Dodger Stadium.

I had a lot of more topics to talk about (Mike Brown putting Kobe & Bynum on timeout), but Magic buying the team was major & a big power move. So, I give Coach Brown a pass this blog. My time is up. Happy belated b-day shoutouts to Samatha Koza, Doreen Jackson, & Victor Alvarez. B-day shoutouts this week to Linda Rocha Jimenez, Emily Henning, Aurora Loya, & my cousin Trevon Clarkson aka Tip da Loc!! Catch ya’ll on my next blog & check out the homie Steven Screws blog “Screws U”.



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