Lies & punishments

Posted: March 22, 2012 by djplaymaker in NFL

Tebow-mania hits the Big Apple! Does it mean trouble for Mark Sanchez?

What up my social network sports fans! Today, we had a crazy day in the NFL & the draft is like a month away. Pretty much all the dominoes fell Monday when a future hall of fame quarterback decided where he wanted to continue his career after his orginal team released him. Let’s review the past 3 days


Peyton Manning to Broncos- The shockwaves that hit the NFL that day. He had the 49ers, Titans, & Broncos competing for his services. After spending 14 yrs w/ the Colts, Manning felt like he was in college again, getting wooed everywhere. In my opinion, I thought he would had been a 49er because they had a team already w/ a running game, receivers, & the defense was light out. Sure, it would had been an upgrade from Alex Smith, who since has resigned for a 3 yr deal, but it was business, nothing personal. But, he surprised everyone by choosing Denver because he wanted to stay in the AFC & he felt he could run roughshed in the AFC West. He didn’t want to go to the NFC because he didn’t want to block his brother Eli’s route to the Super Bowl. That’s a crock of ish in my opinion. When the Broncos got their guy, everyone’s 1st thought was this: What’s going happen to Tim Tebow? It lead to this solution.


Tim Tebow traded to the Jets- The quarterback who put life & energy back to Invesco Field after a 1-3 start last yr w/ a division title & a playoff win gets the short end of the stick. Everyone knew he was winning games last year in spite of Coach Fox & V.P. of football operations John Elway not having faith in him. I can remember Elway saying after the loss to the Pats that he will work w/ Tebow & he was going to be the starter going into trading camp. Someone got lied to. So Elway had to do something shady & he trades him to the Jets. Funny part about this is that the Jets already have a quarterback in Mark Sanchez & they gave him a 3 yr, 40.5 mil contract extension, 20.5 which is guaranteed. Talk about lighting a fire in someone’s ass. The trade had a snag earlier, but it was agreed that the Jets would pay half of that 5 mil that was owed to him. So Rex Ryan will have both Sanchez & Tebow as his signal callers. It’s going be a crazy season in New York & we ain’t talking bout the champs the Giants.

NFL laid the hammer on the Saints- We knew Goodell was punished them, but not like this. He suspended Sean Payton the whole yr w/out pay, the GM Mickey Loomis for the 1st 8 games & asst. coach Joe Vitt for the 1st 6 games. The guy who was behind the whole bounty program Gregg Williams, now the defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams, was suspended indefinitely. My thoughts: I know football is a contact sport & the object is to tackle the player, but you don’t need any incentives behind it. You already get bonuses for rewards like all-pro, off season awards & championships. That should be your reason to play the game: to win titles. Something Michael Smith said on Around the Horn caught my attention. He was surprised that Goodell didn’t move the Super Bowl from New Orleans this season. I know the Saints will be playing w/ a chip on their shoulder this season. Talk bout motivation.

My time is up. Happy b-day shoutouts to my girl Rosie Velasquez aka Mrs.Pau Gasol, Ray Rythym, Shanae Mattier, Danny Cacho (what up to my Clubbing 411 fam & have fun in Vegas), Ariel Antonio, Athena Ritchie & Celeste Purnell (hope to catch you Saturday). Make sure you enjoyed the sweet 16. What up Screws (make sure you check out his blog Screws U). Catch ya’ll next week. Peace


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    Couldn’t say it better myself

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