NBA trade deadline review

Posted: March 15, 2012 by djplaymaker in NBA



          Well, it has pass ladies & gents!! At 12 pm pacific standard time, the NBA trading deadline ended & the big names that were in rumors for the past few weeks weren’t moved (the major one Dwight Howard went emo), but some teams made small moves to either clear cap room or help them in their push for the postseason. I would had talk a little about March Madness, but we have 4 weeks of that, so we’re talking NBA right here!!


1)   The Lakers got a point guard- Congrats to Mitch Kupchak, the Lakers picked up something that they needed all yr since that was one of their weakness. Welcome to Los Angeles Ramon Sessions. He’s quick & a 10pt, 7 ast guy, but we lost our leadership guy & heart & soul when Derek Fisher was traded to Houston. I understand it was a business decision, but Fisher was the only guy that kept Kobe sane & saved the league from being completely being cancelled altogether. Why couldn’t we giving Houston Darius Morris? He reminded me of Smush Parker w/ his play. Anyways, thanks for the memories Fish & I think we’ll have him back again if Houston buys out his contract. Like they say, it’s not a good-bye, it’s more like a catch-you later


2)   Dwight Howard turned emo- Yeah, I said it. He turned emo.  He pretty much couldn’t make up his mind whether to stay or leave Orlando. At the 11th hr, he decided not to opt out of his contract after next yr. He saw all the mess Carmelo Anthony put up w/ before the deadline & Lebron’s decision in the summertime. He wanted to be love & hated to be the bad guy. He had 4 teams he considered going to, backed out of the Lakers because he didn’t want to be 2nd fiddle to Kobe. For him, it was Brooklyn or bust since Deron Williams was still in Jersey. It was so bad that even his coach Stan Van Gundy got tired talking about his trade rumors & I wouldn’t blamed him.  Kinda happy Dwight stayed in O-Town or else it was Shaq pt.2


3)   WTH is Portland doing?- You’re still in the race for the final spot in the playoffs in the West. You traded Camby to the Rockets, traded Gerald Wallace to the Nets, & have no one to help LaMarcus Aldridge & Batum on that roster. It’s tough to be a Trailblazer fan. 1st Brandon Roy retires, then Greg Oden has another surgery (when can this guy ever be healthy) & now this. You still have a squad, but do you want to make a buck or build a contender. Minnesota was breathing down your neck til Rubio tore his ACL. In my opinion, I don’t know why Minnesota make a move today. Hell, Lob City made a decent move picking up Nick Young. Prepare for lotteryville Portland.


That’s my time for this blog. Happy b-day shoutouts to 2 of my favorite girls Salena Limas & Marissol Rojass, my cuzin Kelvin Curry, my homie Juan Viramontes (keep your head up homie), Ernie Hernandez, & my girl Erica Da’ Bella aka DJ Latin Barbie!! Enjoy March Madness people & catch you on the rebound. Peace!!




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