Farewell & Bounties

Posted: March 8, 2012 by djplaymaker in NFL

So long Indy, where does he go? Any one questions

How’s my sports fan doing out there? For me, it’s cool. Normally, I would take bout conference championship week for this blog, but two things caught my attention. They come from the NFL. We’re a month away from the draft, but 2 storylines caught my attention. One of them we knew it was expect, the other one was caught off guard. Let’s talk about them shall we

Peyton Manning

Today was D-day for the Colts & Manning whether to keep him or cut him. They did what everyone expect them to do. They were going to owe him $25 mil if he returned. Jim Irsay say it wasn’t about the money. Really? $25 mil is a lot of change for most teams. The Colts have the no.1 pick in this yr’s draft & are expected to select Andrew Luck. What were they going to do, have Luck hold the clipboard for a couple yrs & wait his turn? The team was rebuilding after a 2-14 season, fired the coach & the general manager resigns. Manning didn’t know anybody anymore. However, it was a great 14 yr run between them. He’s won 4 MVP’s, won a Super Bowl, 8 division titles, over 50,000 yds passing & over 350 td passes. Whatever team gets him, it would changed the landscape of not only the team, but the whole league.

Gregg Williams

Good old Gregg. What the hell is your problem. You’re the new defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams, but we have to talk about something you done for the last 8 yrs. Apparently, someone blew the whistle on your bounty program. Last coach I know who had a bounty hit before him was Buddy Ryan. You had players like Jonathan Vilma offering money to anyone who injured Brett Favre in the NFC title couple yrs ago. We found out Williams did the same thing when he was w/ Buffalo, Tennessee & Washington Redskins. Whatever happened to football? We know it’s a physical sport w/ contact, but we don’t need bounties. You’re dealing w/ people’s livelihood. They have families to go home to after. I wonder what kind of discipline Goodell has in store for him & the Saints. We’ll find out in a couple weeks.

My time’s up for this week. Happy b-day shoutouts to Nailuj Nigeria, Rakia Gutierrez, Erica Gallego, & Servando Portillo. Enjoy the tourneys & make sure everyone checks out the ESPN film “The Announcement” on Sunday. I’m out. Peace



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