March Decisions

Posted: March 2, 2012 by djplaymaker in NBA, NFL

Smiling w/ Wade during All-Star game, however will Dwight still be in Orlando after the trading deadline

What a way to start off the month! Believe it or not, March is like the best month for sports. Couple of reasons are the NBA trading deadline, NFL combines & business decisions, MLB spring training & of course, March madness. However, on this blog, I’m going to focus more on the NBA & NFL matters. So let’s blog shall we!!


We got the draft in a month, but for this month, most NFL scouts are going to colleges for the annual pro days. This yr’s draft is about two players: Andrew Luck & Robert Griffin III. For sure, everyone knows that the Colts are getting Luck w/ the 1st pick, but where will RG III is a different answer. Since the Rams have the 2nd pick & already have Sam Bradford as quarterback, they are willing to trade that pick. Teams like the Washington Redskins & my Cleveland Browns are rumored for Griffin’s services. I think the Browns would had gotten Griffin @ 4 even if the Rams kept that pick. The Redskins are looking for a quarterback, whether if it’s Griffin or Peyton Manning, whenever or if the Colts release him by March 8. That’s another decision coming up & we already seen teams like the Steelers dropping players for financial reasons like Hines Ward & Aaron Smith. We also saw players getting franchised like Desean Jackson & teams that are far apart from signing players like Drew Brees & the Saints. I wonder how the NFL season’s going to look like this coming season.


The 2nd half of the season started & we have 14 more days til the trade deadline hits. We already have rumors hitting left & right. Biggest questions is whether Dwight Howard will still be in Orlando when the deadline passes, what are the Lakers going to do to improve their team & now I’m hearing the Celtics are desperately trying to trade Rajon Rondo. If you’re a Celtics’ fan, you should be shaking yourself & questioning Danny Ainge’s reasons to do this. He’s a two time all-star, a triple double machine waiting to happen, but reports say he’s a coach’s nightmare & can’t get along w/ his teammates. He’s the only young guy on that team since everyone else is old & you will be dumping money after the season when you let go Kevin Garnett & Ray Allen. As for Dwight Howard, I think he won’t be traded. I wish the Lakers will make a move for him, but he says he won’t sign long term & basically, they have to sales pitch the idea for staying long term. In my opinion, Dwight’s acting like a chick who can’t make up their mind. Seriously, tell Orlando what’s on your mind. Do you want to stay or go? You’re waisting that team’s time & holding them hostage like Lebron did w/ the Cavs two yrs ago. He should just be like Melo last yr.

That’s my time for this blog. B-day shoutouts to my girl Selana Perez (see you tomorrow), Jessica Moreno, Erica Castro, Patti Valdenegro, Joyce Suzuki Bond, Lizette Valdez, & Bobi Record. As a Lakers fan, I got your back Clipper Darell. Make sure you check out my boy D-Side’s website: & I’m out. Peace



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