We at the break baby!!

Posted: February 25, 2012 by djplaymaker in NBA

We had a great 1st half, what does the 2nd half have in store for us

We are at that moment folks!! The all-star break is here. I thought we wouldn’t have an all-star game since we have a 66 game season because of the lock-out. We’ve seen some ugly ball & some great ball. We have some great story lines so far. Some teams are playing out their minds & some teams don’t know what are they doing. Let’s talk about them shall we

1) Linsanity- The hottest thing so far in the league. The story of Jeremy Lin. We already know the story. Born in Palo Alto, wins a CIF title, but doesn’t get recruited by a major school. That’s cool, he goes to Harvard, makes a name for himself & still makes a name for himself. Plays for his hometown team the Warriors, they cut him in order to give an offer sheet to Deandre Jordan, gets cut again by the Rockets. Finally gets his break when the Knicks called because they were thin in guard play. 8-3 since he arrived. He’s produced numbers, but needs to cut down on the turnovers. Finally got their weapons back in Melo & Stat along w/ new addition J.R. Smith. Can’t wait to see how the Knicks start off the post break.

2) Who wants to run the East- Everyone knew that the Bulls & Heat were the best teams coming into the season & both teams are living up to their standards. The Bulls are finding ways to win w/ out Derrick Rose in the line-up & are dangerous w/ him in the lineup. They just need to get healthy (Richard Hamilton’s hardly played this season) & need a secondary scorer since Carlos Boozer is off & on. The Heat probably just needs a small tweak here & there to keep their goal of a championship alive.

3) Who runs L.A.- That’s the major question out here in La La land. It all started when David Stern vetoed the Lakers trade for Chris Paul. However, he eventually went to Los Angeles all right, but it was the Clippers instead. When the news broke, Blake Griffin & Deandre Jordan christened it “ Lob City”. Lakers fan were still heated @ Stern & got worse when Lamar Odom was basically traded to Dallas for a trade exception aka nothing. The Clippers were the exciting team while the Lakers were made the old dawgs. However, the old dawgs still have heart as they are only a game back of the Clippers in the Pacific Division. Kobe’s leading the league in scoring & this week, laid it in on Jim Buss & Mitch Kupchak about whether they going to trade Gasol or not. Right now, there are reports they are going to sign Rasheed Wallace. Lakers are fine @ home, it’s the road record that kills them. Clippers still got the young guns, but losing Chauncey Billups will hurt them come playoff time.

That’s my time for this week. I hope my b-ball fans enjoy the all-star weekend. My predictions for the events this weekend: Durant to win the 3 pt contest, Derrick Williams (La Mirada stand up) for the dunk contest, Team Florida in shooting stars & if Rubio’s in the skills challenge, I’m taking him. Happy b-day shoutouts to my boy Edward Alphonso aka Mega 7981, Peter Lopez, my girl Tiffany Ramirez (have fun in Cancun love), Deejay ER, my niece Alina Grayson & my musical soulmate Maxine Verdugo. Catch me on the next blog. Peace



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