It’s Super Bowl time

Posted: February 1, 2012 by djplaymaker in NFL

It's Super Bowl time

We finally made it here!! After 18 weeks of 32 teams competing to see who’s going to the big game, we have out two teams. It’s a rematch of a Super Bowl we had 4 yrs ago. That game came down to the final seconds & it made history as 1 team tried to run the table & their dreams were shattered. These same teams also played in the regular season & the outcome was almost like that same Super Bowl. I wonder what are going to have this Sunday. Let’s break down the game.


Super Bowl XLVI: N.Y Giants vs New England- The Giants & Pats face off again in the Super Bowl. We all remember what happened in the game in Arizona 4 yrs ago. We had David Tyree making his crazy, ridiculous catch & Plaxico Burress making the game winning td from Eli Manning. The Pats were the faves to win that game since they were looking to seal the deal to go 19-0 & surpass the ’72 Dolphins w/the best record ever. That Giant team had the perfect game plan for Brady & co. They also faced each other in/Foxborro earlier this season & Eli lead another 4th qtr drive to win that game. Eli was Captain comeback all season & he had 15 4th qtr tds this season. He has no pressure going into this game. The game’s in the house his bro Peyton built & Peyton’s pretty have stolen all his press. It doesn’t matter to him. As for the Pats, Brady’s looking for that 4th ring to tie Bradshaw & Montana & they are looking for payback for 4 yrs ago. It’s gonna be a hard fought game like 4 yrs ago. Eli’s legacy is at hand as he’’s looking to break the tie w/ Peyton in rings. The Pats are 2.5 faves.

Playmaker:: In my Deion Sander voice- I believe in Eli. I like the G-man & take the pts.

Noez: New England


2 weeks ago, Noez was the only one to pick the Super Bowl picks right w/ 2-0 while Randy went 1-1 while my dreams of a Hatbaugh bowl shot me in da ass. I can’t wait to see their picks. Happy b-day shoutouts to Eric Sanchez, Rod Chrolon, , my boy from Sage Albert Khella, Gus Sanchez, Reanna Rodriguez, & Danielle Trento. Thanks to Randy & Noez for competing w/ me all yr. I’m going to be on NBA mode when you see my next blogs. Til then, Peace!!



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