It’s conference championship time

Posted: January 20, 2012 by djplaymaker in NFL

It has come down to this. We have four teams remaining in the postseason Only 2 teams get to punch their ticket to Indy for the Super Bowl. In the AFC, the top 2 seeds are competing while in the NFC, the match-up is a rematch of a regular season game, but it’s not the one everyone expected. Last week, we saw Alex Smith lead a game winning drive over the Saints, Tebow time hitting midnight in New England, the Ravens having to claw w/ the Texans & Eli winning in Lambeau again. I wonder how the conference championships will pan out. Let’s break them down shall we.


AFC championship- Baltimore vs New England- The top 2 seeds in the AFC meet in New England to see who represents the AFC IN Indy. The Pats smacked the Broncos in the mouth last week while the Ravens have to claw & fight to defeat the Texans in a close game. However, we got some controversy in the Ravens locker room as Ed Reed called out Joe Flacco w/ his comment about the Texans had him rattled. Flacco said he shook it off, but he’s the leader of the offense. If Ray Rice doesn’t get going, the offense depends on him & he sometimes does get shaky. The Pats click on offense, but their defense, which was ranked #30th, is their problem. They are a td fave at home

Playmaker: I think the Pats’ defense will cost them. I like the Ravens & cover the spread. Jack Harbaugh does his job & waits to see if Jim do his



NFC championship- .N.Y. Giants vs San Francisco- The 49ers had the best game in the divisional round last week. Alex Smith & Vernon Davis, two guys who had been ridiculed in the Bay Area for years, stepped up & did their thang last week. Smith w/ his moxie for the dramatic & Davis w/ the game winning td. The Giants are clicking again like it did in ’07 when they won the Super Bowl. Eli outplayed the MVP Aaron Rodgers. Hakeem Nicks has been a beast lately & just wait til Victor Cruz do his thing. The 49ers won the 1st match-up in a close match-up earlier in the season, but the G-Man weren’t healthy then. It’s gonna be another close game. Mother Nature may play a factor as rain drops will be falling in the Bay. The 49ers are 2.5 home faves

Playmaker: I like the defense, ground & pound w/Frank Gore & Alex Smith hardly makes any mistakes. I like the 49ers to win & cover. Make that Harbaugh Bowl 2 happen again.



Last week, I went 3-1 while Noez & Randy went 2-2. Let’s see if both of us get our SB picks right. B-day shoutouts to Lalo Juarez, Sangeetha Flores, & Sonia Estrella. I catch ya next week to review some NBA (like I’m gonna review the Pro Bowl). Peace



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