NFL 2011-12 Week #7 picks!! “CHANGES”

Posted: October 20, 2011 by djplaymaker in NFL, THE UNDERDAWGS

NFL 2011-12 Week #7 picks!! “CHANGES” by: DJ PLAYMAKER

What’s going down my NFL heads!! So far, in my opinion, this has been the best entertaining season so far. Last week, we saw Handshake in which Jim Harbaugh & Jim Schwartz had a contest of who’s the better Jim, The Packers still being the only undefeated team, two starting qbs in Rex Grossman & Donovan McNabb losing their starting jobs & the Raiders making noise by trading for Carson Palmer. I can’t wait to see what this week has in store. The teams who have the bye week are the Bills, Bengals, Giants, Patroits, Eagles, & 49ers. Let’s review this week’s games.



Chicago vs Tampa Bay-

The Bears & Bucaneers play in this yr’s London Bowl. Both teams are coming impressive wins after losses the week before. The Bucs forced 3 ints on Brees & the Saints while the Bears defense, along w/ the Vikings excuse to kick to Devin Hester put the hurt on the Vikings. This use to be an NFC central rivalry game, so expect a defensive battle. The Bears are 1 pt faves. If you’re betting on this game, play it smart.

Playmaker: I take the Bucs to win & not cover the spread



Washington vs Carolina-

John Beck gets his 1st start of the season after the “real” Rex Grossman showed up w/ 4 ints vs the Eagles in their loss. Cam Newtown didn’t impress that much w/ his 3 ints vs the Falcons in their loss either. This game would come down to which qb doesn’t make that many mistakes. The Panthers are 2 pt favorites @ home.

Playmaker: I like Cam & the Panthers to win their 2nd game & cover the spread.



San Diego vs N.Y. Jets-

The Chargers are coming off their bye week while the Jets defense was the major force in the win on Monday night vs the Dolphins. The Chargers should be shaking in their boots now that the Raiders are chasing their tails. I know one ex- Charger who’s motivated for this game: Ladanian Tomilson. He wants to show what the Chargers messed up on by cutting him. Chargers are 2 point road favs.

Playmaker: The Chargers got a lot of weapons, but Rex seems to have their number. I like the Jets to win & go over the spread by a fg. Got you again Havana girlfriend


MEGA7981: CHARGERS (I hate this pick)


Seattle vs Cleveland-

My Browns are coming off a tough loss to the Raiders in which I had to wear Raider gear on my facebook default photo. The Seahawks are coming off their bye week. For my Browns, this Peyton Hillis contract/ injury has to be nipped in the bud. He wanted to still play, but I don’t know what Shumur’s thinking along w/ Colt McCoy playing scared like a rookie still & this is his 2nd yr. The Browns are a fg favorite

Playmaker: You already know who I’m going with. We need to shake this Raiders & I hope this isn’t a trap game before we face the 49ers. Browns to win & cover.





Houston vs Tennessee-

The Titans are coming off the bye week while the Texans are wondering what hit them in Baltimore. I wonder if the Texans might have Andre Johnson back for this game after missing the last 2 after pulling his hamstring. The Titans hope they can get back to their winning ways after their last game before the bye. Titans are a 3 pt fave @ home

Playmaker: I like the Titans by a Bironas fg to win & cover. Too much injuries for the Texans




Denver vs Miami-

The Tebow era starts in Miami & how ironic that they honor the Gators 2006 title team in Miami. That gets a C’mon Son for real. The Dolphins are still wondering what hit them in New York on Monday & it’s bad enough that their gm wants an elite qb next yr since they are in the “Suck for Luck” sweepstakes. Question for the Broncos: why trade Brandon Lloyd? The Dolphins are 2 point home faves.

Playmaker: Expect Tebow to put on a show in South Beach. I like the Broncos to win & go under the spread.




Atlanta vs Detroit-

The Lions got their 1st loss outta of the way vs the 49ers & Jim Schwartz didn’t take kindly of Harbaugh’s pat on the back. My opinion on that: he didn’t take losing very well. The Falcons got back to Michael Turner & their ground game to defeat the Panthers. BTW, to Lions nation, great move by traading for Ronnie Brown because Jahvid Best can’t shake that concussion problem. The Lions are a fg fave @ home.

Playmaker: The Lions will look to rebound from the loss. I like the Lions to win & cover because I don’t know which Falcon would show up in da 313




Kansas City vs Oakland-

The return of Carson Palmer is pretty much the storyline of this match-up. After Jason Campbell breaks his collarbone last week, the Raiders were desperate @ qb. Who wouldn’t when you have Kyle Boller & Terrelle Pryor are your active quarterbacks. Could’ve gotten David Garred, but he had back surgery. The Chiefs are coming off the bye week & now, they won’t know what will hit them when they arrive in Oakland. It’s a divisional battle, so expect a lot of hard hitting & penalties. The Raiders are a sea bass fave @ home.

Playmaker: The Raiders are for real. I like them to win & go over. However, for my boy Steven Rojo Jr, I would like to see how Dwayne “Optimus Prime” Bowe will do against the Raiders’ secondary.




Pittsburgh vs Arizona-

A rematch of the super bowl 3 yrs ago. The Steelers are coming off a close win vs Jacksonville, yet Mike Tomlin doesn’t think they haven’t impress the league yet. The Cardinals are coming off their bye week & it sucks that they have Steeler nation getting to invade Arizona. The only bright spot the Cardinals should be happy is that the Steelers are 3 pt road faves.

Playmaker: The Steelers will run roughshot over the Cardinals. Expect a lot of “Terrible towels” in the Arizona desert. Wack & Yellow to win & go way over the spread.




St. Louis vs Dallas-

The Cowboys are coming off a tough loss in New England & Jason Garrett answering questions from the media about his conservative play-calling. The Rams just got popped in the mouth by the Packers & in the process, Sam Bradford suffers a high ankle sprain. I heard he was in a boot & A.J Feely was taking snaps w/ the 1st team offense. The Cowboys are 13 pt faves @ home

Playmaker- The Rams are still winless. No Bradford, no chance. I like the Cowboys, but that’s too high of a spread. Happy now Letty bear that I chose your Cowboys lol.




Green Bay vs Minnesota-

Another rookie gets to face the Packers’ defense as Christian Ponder makes his debut this week. My thoughts of this: I love Donovan McNabb, but the time was right for them to start Ponder. After his performance in his hometown of Chicago, you knew his time was up. The Packers are still clicking on all cylinders, despite their 28th ranked pass defense. Can they run the table? I don’t know. However, I know they are 8 pts road faves.

Playmaker: I like the Packers to win & go over the spread.




Indianapolis vs New Orleans-

The super bowl rematch of 2 yrs ago. The Saints are coming off a 3 pt loss in Tampa Bay & Sean Payton tearing his mcl when Jimmy Grahmn ran into him. The Colts, despite still being winless, are being competitive. The Saints are 2 tds faves @ home.

Playmaker: I like the Saints to win, but take the under because the Colts won’t go away that easy




Baltimore vs Jacksonville- The Ravens are coming off a double digit win vs Houston while the Jags had a tough loss in Pittsburgh. The Ravens still believe in defense & Flacco & Ray Rice are coming along smoothly for the Ravens offense. The Jags are still giving the keys to Gabbert, however he should be happy that Mike Sims Walker has returned to the team after the Rams cut him to make room for Brandon Lloyd. The Ravens are a td road fave.

Playamker: The Ravens can win either way, explosive or ugly. I like them to win & cover that spread. That’s reasonable.

RANDY: RAVENS  (Plus Total Pts:46)



That’s my time this week. Last week’s nw picks had rookie randy winning w/ 11-2, yours truly 10-3, noez 8-5, & mega 7981, despite his Raiders defeating my Browns 6-7. Happy b-day shoutouts to Tracy Poole, Robert Change (you & noez better represent @ your b-day party Friday), Richard Valle, Abdey Flores, & Amber Vera!! Check everybody next week & if you would like to leave your picks or comments, you can leave them @ either my facebook page @ or @

Pmeezy 11


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