NFL 2011-12 Week #6 PICKS “DO OR DIE TIME”

Posted: October 16, 2011 by mega7981 in NFL, THE UNDERDAWGS

NFL 2011-12 Week #6 “DO OR DIE TIME”


         How’s my NFL fans doin’ out there in the social world. Last week, we had emotions as the Raiders just “won one” for Al Davis after his death (RIP to him), the Lions proving to the world that they were ready for prime time, more panic alerts for the Eagles & the Tebow era ready to begin for the Broncos. What do we have in store for week 6.? I don’t know, but I know & can’t wait like Bart Scott would say.


St Louis vs Green Bay-

The Packers came back from a 14-6 deficit to beat the Falcons on the road while the Rams are coming off the bye week. The Rams are still winless & at some point has to crack the win. It won’t happen this week. The champs are 15 point faves @ home.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like the Packers to win & go over the spread.


Mega7981: Packers @ home for the win.



Jacksonville vs Pittsburgh-

The Jags are coming off a tough loss @ home vs the Bengals while the Steelers clicked on all cylinder w/ 5 td passes from Ben Rothesbrger to smack the Titans in the mouth. Gabbert is still going through the phases of his rookie yr. If the Jags want to win, feed the ball to MJD. The Steelers have already twice this season allowed a running back to go over 100 yds. The Steelers are 12 point faves @ home.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like the Steelers to win, hovever I’m taking the under on this one.


MEGA7981: Steelers Big Ben is starting to get his groove back.



Philadelphia vs Washington-

The Eagles hope to find answers after a loss where they gave up 5 turnover to the Bills while the Redskins are coming off the bye week knowing they are in 1st place in the NFC East (who would had thunk it). The Eagles had a players only, hoping they can turn the season. If I was them, no offense to Castillo, their defensive coordinator, but Andy Reid should fire him. The defense can’t tackle & all that money they spent on Nmadi, Jenkins & company, they haven’t stepped up, except for Jason Babin, who’s leading the league in sack. The Eagles are 1 point road faves.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I’m on my last thread to choose the Eagles, but I will & they will barely go over the spread.


MEGA7981: REDSKINS for the win, Philly is falling apart.



San Francisco vs Detroit-

This is one game I can’t wait to see. Two surprising teams, who hadn’t have any success in many yrs, are having a cultural shift in their areas. The Lions are undefeated still after their performance on Monday night vs the Bears while the 49ers are 4-1 & are coming off of popping Tampa Bay in the mouth. It’s a short week for the Lions since they played on Monday. The Lions are 4 point faves @ home. This game is tough to choose. The 49ers haven’t allowed a 100 yd rusher in like 26 games.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like the 49ers in a close upset & also to cover the spread. Sorry Omni

RANDY: 49ers

MEGA7981: DETROIT for the win. Megatron will go H.A.M. as always and their front 4 will give Alex Smith problems.

NOEZ: 49ers


Carolina vs Atlanta-

The Falcons are coming off a home loss vs the Packers while the Panthers are coming off a nail biting loss @ home also vs the Saints. Even though they are 1-4, the Panthers are competive, when you got Cam Newton as your quarterback, he keeps you in the game. The Falcons, along w/ the Eagles, are one of the disappointments early this season. They have all those offensive playmakers, but they have a 2-3 record. The Falcons are 4 point faves @ home.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like the Falcons to cover the spread @ home.


Mega798: Panthers. This is my upset pick Atlanta is ranked 28th on pass d, so Killa Cam has a chance to pull off the W.



Indianapolis vs Cincinnati-

The Bengals are 3-2 after a victory in Jacksonville while the Colts are still winless, but have been competitive since Painter’s been starting. With the Bengals winning, I wonder what’s going on in Carson Palmer’s mind since they didn’t call his bluff about retiring. For the Colts, I give love to Robert Mathis for not tanking it in. The Bengals are a td fave.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like that. I’m taking the Bengals to cover.


Mega7981: CINCY, I think the Colts are on the “Suck for Luck” campaign.



Buffalo vs N.Y. Giants-

The Giants are looking for answers after the meltdown loss vs the Seahawks while the Bills are still circling the wagons w/ wins after causing 5 turnovers against the Eagles. Another surprising team this season. They have wins over the Raiders, Eagles, & Pats. A win over the Giants would get them more national attention, along w/ respect. The Giants are a fg fave.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I’m circling the wagons & choosing the Bills & also to cover the spread.


MEGA7981: BILLS I think the G-MEN are banged up. I’m not sure but I think Justine Tuck, and Brandon Jacobs is out. Action Jackson and their tight end is going to have a field day with in the seams and short passes.



Houston vs Baltimore-

The Ravens are coming off the bye week while the Texans are coming off the emotional loss to the Raiders. Not only did they lose the game, they lost Mario Williams for the season after he torn his pectoral muscle. It was already bad for them since Andre Johnson was out after pulling his hammy in the Steeler game. I don’t like their chances. The Ravens are a td fav.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like RAVENS to cover the spread & the win also.


MEGA7981: RAVENS. The Texans are banged up, Foster is not 100%, No Andre Johnson, No Mario Williams.



Cleveland vs Oakland-

The Raiders are on an emotional high after their win for Al while my Brownies are coming off the bye week & are dealing w/ some b.s regarding Peyton Hillis. It’s his contract yr & his agent has taking a bullet for him regarding of where his toughness is at. This game is big for neitherworld radio reasons. It’s a friendly wager between myself & mega 7981. You’ll find out what the loser has to do after the game. The Raiders are 6 point favs. I know I like emotions & the Raiders are riding high, but you know where my heart is.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like the Browns & to take the under. Sorry Mega & Noez


MEGA7981: RAAAAIDERS come son! this pick is bias but it’s imperative we win this game especially after the passing of MR. AL DAVIS, it’s gong to be tough because the Browns always give us trouble.



Dallas vs New England-

The Pats are coming off a win vs the Jets while the Cowboys are coming off the bye week. You know who need the bye week badly: Tony Romo. After that choke job vs the Lions, he needed some time to figure how to shake off the critics about his non- clutchness. I agree w/ Deion Sanders on one thing: he’s not the guy for them to win a super bowl. The Pats are a td fave.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like the Pats to barely go over the spread. I would like to see your response to this Letty!!


MEGA7981: Cowboys. I usually try to find 2 upsets every week. I Just feel that Rob Ryan D will have answers to slow down Brady and the Pats have to take an L sooner or later. If Wilfork gets another INT. i’ll shoot myself lol.



New Orleans vs Tampa Bay-

The Saints are 4-1 after their nail-biting win over Carolina while the Bucs just want to get that ass whipping taste out their mouth from the 49ers. Last yr, the Bucs went 10-6, but missed the playoffs. This yr, 3-2, but some people think it’s disappointing. The Saints are 4 point road faves. I like the Bucs to win & cover the spread. Last time I picked to upset a team, it was the Falcons.

DJ PLAYMAKER: Tampa to win & cover.


Mega7981: SAINTS I think Blount is out and Drew Breese will pick there O apart.



Minnesota vs Chicago-

The Vikings got the 1st win of the season as they kept feeding Adrian Peterson the ball. One way for the fans to get off Leslie Frazier & Donovan McNabb’s back. The Bears on the other hand, made the Lions believers in themselves & Jay Cutler was running for his life on Monday. For the record, Purple Jesus has a 200 yd game already in his career vs the Bears. The Bears are a fg fave @ home. It depends on whether McNabb or Cutler can play mistake free ball. If Cutler thought the Lions were scary, just wait til Jared Allen gets his hands on him.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like the Vikings to win & go over the small spread.


mega7981: Vikings, if Best can have a field day on the on the Bears , imagine “All Day” Peterson. The Bears have let me down every time I pick them.




Miami vs N.Y. Jets-

The Jets just got their 1st 3 game losing streak in the Rex Ryan era after losing to the Pats while the Dolphins are coming off their bye. The Jets are having issues whether the receivers having mutiny in Brian Schotteheimer (btw, c’es louve Derrick Mason) or Joe Namath. It could be worse like Miami, where the coach is under the hot seat & Chad Henne’s done for the yr. The Jets are a touchdown fav.

DJ PLAYMAKER: I like the Jets to have a break out game , win & go way over the spread. I got you again Havana girlfriend


Mega7981: I wanna go for the upset but I’ll pick the JETS they need a win bad.



That’s my time for this week. Happy b-day shoutouts to Vanessa Montes, my auntie Debbie Dicks, Wendy Plata Villa, Erin Cardenas (sorry for not making it to your party on Saturday, Vivian Herrera & my girl Tracey Poole. Special b-day shoutouts to my peeps Robert Change (you & Noez rep that Dirty Freqs son) & Richard Valle. I gotta couple things to get off my chest before I close: 1) Screw the NBA, it’s bad enough that the 1st 2 weeks are cancelled. Hope the mediator can get the players & owners get something done so you won’t have to worry about no games around x-mas & 2) I like B-Hop in a split decision over Dawson on Saturday. I still follow boxing believe it or not. Til then, I’m out!! Peace



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