NFL 2011-12 WEEK #5 PICKS “Staying alive for 5!!”

Posted: October 6, 2011 by mega7981 in NFL, THE UNDERDAWGS

NFLNFL 2011-12 WEEK #5 PICKS Staying alive for 5!!

By: Dj Playmaker

         How are my NFL fans in the social network doing? We had a crazy week as 2 NFC East teams blew 20+ leads to end up losing their games, the Dolphins & Vikings are still winless, & the Lions & Packers are the remaining undefeated teams in the leagues. This week will be different because it’s the beginning of bye weeks as my Browns, Ravens, Cowboys, Rams, & Redskins start it off! That means less characters for me & saves my fingers from cramping!! Time to break down week 5.


(F) = Favorite

(u) = Underdog


(F) Philadelphia -2.5 vs (u) Buffalo-

The Eagles had a 23-3 lead last week vs the 49ers & ended up losing, making them 1-3 & Eagles nation in panic mode. The Bills had a tough overtime loss in Cincy last week. I don’t believe in must-win games, but this is one for the Eagles. I know Vick went off for 417 yds passing, but McCoy was a no-show in the rushing dept. The spread has the Eagles as a 3pt favorite as a road team.

Playmaker: I take the Eagles, but take the under.

MEGA7981: Bills win / Eagles won’t cover the spread




(F) New Orleans -6.5 vs (u)Carolina –

The Saints are 3-1 after defeating the Jags while the Panthers lost to the Bears, despite another 300+ yds passing game by Cam Newton. This will be a tough divisional challenge for Newton & company. The books have the Saints as a 6.5 pt favorite. I like that.

Playmaker: I take the Saints, but take the over.

MEGA7981: SAINTS win and will cover the spread


DJ NOEZ: Panthers


(F) Houston -6 vs (u) Oakland –

The Raiders hit a nail in the road @ home last week vs the Pats while the Texans got a respectable win vs the Steelers, despite losing Andre Johnson for 3 weeks after pulling his hamstring. However, they were rejuvenated by the return of Arian Foster. This is going to be a defensive battle. The Texans are 6 pt favorites @ home.

Playmaker: Sorry Mega, but I like the Texans in this one, but take the under.

MEGA7981: RAIDERS win / take the the under




(F) Indianapolis -2.5 Vs. (u) Kansas City

The Chiefs got in the winners’ bracket last week vs the Vikings while the Colts were very competitive in their loss vs the Bucs on Monday. Memo to Irsay: let Painter finish the season as the starter. What’s the worst that can happen. Both teams have a combined 1-7 record.  However, for some reason, I think this is the week that the Colts get their 1st win.

Playmaker: I take the Colts & cover the spread.

MEGA7981: CHIEFS win / take the under (there in the Suck for Luck Sweepstakes)




(F) Minnesota -2.5 vs. (u) Arizona

The Cards felt they got screwed by the refs because of the Victor Cruz fumble & lost. The Vikings had a tough loss to the Chiefs & fans in Vikings’ nation are screaming for Christian Ponder to start despite Leslie Frazier’s confidence in Donovan McNabb. Speaking of McNabb, he gets to face his former Eagles’ teammate Kevin Kolb.

Playmaker: I don’t know the spread, but something tells me the Cards are going to win this game by 6 since the Vikes can’t hold leads.

MEGA7981: Cards win and will beat the spread.




(F) N.Y. Giants -10 Vs. (u) Seattle

The Giants are 3-1 after a come from behind win in Arizona last week while the Seahawks lost a close game @ home to the Falcons. The Giants are a 10 pt favorites at home .

Playmaker: I take the Giants to go over the spread & win this game. To Tavaris Jackson, good luck w/ Osi & Justin Tuck chasing your ass.

MEGA7981: GIANTS win and will cover the spread




(F) Pittsburgh -3 vs. (u) Tennessee-

The Titans are a surprising 3-1 w/ Matt Hasselback  looking like the best free agent signing this off-season. The Steelers are answering questions after their road loss in Houston & injuries hitting them in Roethesberger & James Harrison. Harrison’s going to miss some time, according to Tomlin, but expect Big Ben & Mendehall to play this week. The Steelers are a 3 pt fave @ home. It’s going to be a tough game. If Chris Johnson can get another 100 yd game rushing, I like their chances.

Playmaker: Something tells me to pick the Steelers to win & also to cover the spread.

Mega7981: Steelers to win and cover the +3




(F) San Francisco -3 vs (u) Tampa Bay-

The 49ers are 3-1 after coming back from a 20+ deficit to beat the Eagles & still not getting any love from the media. The Bucs had to scrape & claw to defeat a winless Colts team on Monday night. Both teams like to make you work for your points. The 49ers are a 3pt fave. I can see them winning this game & take the under. This win will give them respect in the league.

Playmaker: 49ers take the under

Mega7981: BUCKS win / take the under




(F) San Diego -4 vs (u)Denver-

The Chargers starting @ 3-1? Who would thought that would happen since they usually start off slow. The Broncos are trying to forget about the Aaron Rodgers performance in Lambeau last week. It’s a divisional battle, so expect a lot of hard hitting & trash talking. I think the Chargers are 4 pt favs as the road team. I take the Chargers, plus the over.

Playmaker: Chargers plus the over

Mega7981: Chargers plus the over




(F) New England -9 vs (u) N.Y. Jets

The Pats rebounded from the Buffalo meltdown by poppin’ the Raiders in the mouth in their house while the Jets, Mark Sanchez especially, was getting hit from all angles from the Ravens last week, which prompt Namath to pop his mouth again on Rex & the team. I know the Jets offensive line miss Nick Manigold, but damn, Sanchez felt like a boxer on a standing 8 count. The Pats are 9 pt favs. However, I think Rex will have the team ready, since his hatred for Belechik & the Pats runs deep. Besides, it’s a Boston/New York rivalry thing. I like the Jets to rebounding w/ a win & take the under. I got you again my Havana girlfriend xoxoxo

Playmaker: Jets take the under

Mega7981: Patriots win & cover the spread




Green Bay -6 vs Atlanta-

The champs are still on all cylinders after “the real A-Rod” Aaron Rodgers went H.A.M on the Broncos last week. The Falcons are @ 2-2, but it’s not good in their standards. This is the rematch of the NFC divisional playoff last yr. In that game, Matty Ice, who hardly lost @ home at this point, melted in crucial situations.I think the Packers are a 6 pt fav.

Playmaker: I take the Pack & take the over.

Mega7981: Atlanta wins / take the under.





(F) Detroit -.5.5 vs (u)Chicago-

The Lions are the talk of the league & are hosting a Monday night game for the 1st time in 10 yrs. Last week, they came back from a 27-3 deficit in Dallas to win the game. The Bears played a hell of a game to beat the Panthers w/ Matt Forte going for 200 yds, despite not getting a contract extension (in the words of Deion Sanders: PAY THE MAN) & the Panthers kicking to Devin Hester. It’s a divisional battle & the Lions are a 5.5 pt fave.

Playamker: I think the Lions are for real & I see them winning this game & take the under.

Mega7981: BEARS will pull the upset / take the under.




That’s my time for this week. B-day shoutouts to Lynder Jack, Lisa Franco(you’re going need a shoulder to cry when Eithier’s gone), Rossana Bianchi, my boy Sean Quintana aka CEO of Luxury Soul, Jennifer & Jacklyn Reza, Julie Serfain, & my boy Tony Boulos (your Eagles are going be fine). Let’s go Nova & the Yankees, take out the Tigers. Til then, peace!!



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