NFL 2011-12 Week #4 Picks!!

Posted: September 30, 2011 by mega7981 in NFL, THE UNDERDAWGS

NFL 2011-12 Week #4 Picks!!


       So far, these 4 weeks of the NFL season has been exciting & also surprising. We still have the Bills & Lions undefeated while the Colts are still in the running for the “Suck for Lucke” sweepstakes.  Memo to Jim Irsay, 1st you say Peyton’s done for the yr, now you say he might play in December. C’mon son. Shit him down & let Curtis Painter get his reps!! Before I started, I would like to say two things: 1) thank you for all the b-day love on facebook & 2) as a Yankees fan, HA HA HA HA! Nice choke job Dead Sox! A 9 game lead on the wild card @ the beginning of the month & you straight up choked!! Enjoy the off season biatches!!


Carolina vs Chicago-

Killa Cam finally got his 1st win last week in the mini monsoon while the Bears were manhandled by their hated rivals (too much Jermichael Finley). It’s a must win for Lovie Smith since he doesn’t want to have the Chicago media on him if they go 1-3. However, Ron Rivera returns to the city where he won a Super Bowl w/ the 85 Bears!!

PMeezy11- Sorry Ron, the Bears are not going to mess up this homecoming! Bears by 5

mega7981- CAROLINA



Buffalo vs Cincinnati-

The surprising Bills are the talk of the league. I’m surprised that they aren’t on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Last week, they spotted the Pats 20 pts & still came back to upset them. The Bengals had an ugly loss @ home vs the 49ers. For some reason, I’m gonna circle the wagons like Chris Berman would say & choose the Bills.

PMeezy11- Bills by a fg

mega7981- BILLS



Tennessee vs Cleveland-

Both teams are 2-1. Tennessee defeated the Broncos, but lose Kenny Britt for the whole yr (torn ACL) while my Brownies had a come from behind win vs the Dolphins led by Colt Mcoy, who stunk up the whole game, but came up clutch in the 2 min drill. This game scares me because the Browns defense can’t stop & I think this is the game that Chris Johnson will wake up.

PMeezy11- I like my Browns by 3. I hope Hillis is healthy to play this week.

mega7981- BROWNS



Detroit vs Dallas-

The Lions are getting the league’s attention. Thanks to the Vikings choking in the 2nd half last week, the Lions are still undefeated. The Cowboys had to beat the Redskins w/out scoring a touchdown & Tony Romo hurting! This game could be a shootout, but it depends on how Romo feels. For Strafford, he better hope his offensive line protects him from DeMarcus Ware because he will be coming from all angles!! I’m sippin on the Lions’ kool-aid!

PMeezy11- Lions by a touchdown (yeah I said it Letty)

mega7981- LIONS



Pittsburgh vs Houston-

This is a big game for Kubiak. The Texans couldn’t hold the lead in New Orleans & lost while the Steelers had to survive Dwight Freeney & the Colts. The Steelers defense is kinda old, so expect some numbers from Ben Tate, Foster (if he plays), Andre Johnson, & Owen Daniels. The reason I said this game is huge for Kubiak is because he needs to beat these elite teams to prove they belong in the postseason.

PMeezy11-I like the Texans by a Rackers fg.




New Orleans vs Jacksonville-

The Saints had to comeback @ home to beat the Texans while Gabbert struggled in his debut last week vs the Panthers. I can’t see the Jags keeping this game close.

PMeezy11- Saints by 14.




Minnesota vs Kansas City-

Both teams are 0-3. The Vikings can’t hold on to leads in their games while the Chiefs were hit by the injury bug the 1st 2 weeks & last week, were denied a chance to win when Cassel threw a int off a screen pass. Someone has to win. I like the Vikings’ chance because of Adrian Peterson & McNabb outplaying Cassel. Plus, Jared Allen returns home to Kansas City.

PMeezy11- Vikings by 7

mega7981- VIKINGS



San Francisco vs Philadelphia-

The Eagles have issues heading into this week’s game. Vick has a contusion in his right, non-throwing hand, but he says he’ll play. Last week, he was almost this close to throwing his offensive line under the bus for him getting knocked down everytime. The 49ers needed a Kendrick Hunter td to beat the Bengals in the ‘Natti. This is gonna be a defensive battle. I like the Eagles by a fg because if Vick struggles, they still got Lesean McCoy, aka Shady, who’s playing like a pro bowler so far.

PMeezy11- Eagles by a fg.

mega7981- NINERS



Washington vs St Louis-

The Redskins are looking to rebound after that heartbreaking loss on Monday night while the Rams were just popped in the mouth by the Ravens. The Rams better hope that Steven Jackson returns this game because w/out him, you make Sam Bradford the Kevin Love on your team.

PMeezy11- I like the Redskins by 5.

mega7981- REDSKINS



N.Y. Giants vs Arizona-

The Giants sent a message to the Eagles last week while the Cards lost to the Seahawks (really, w/ Tavaris Jackson as their starting quarterback?). There was good news this week in Giants nation as Osi finally practiced w/ the team for the 1st time since his surgery.

PMeezy11- I feel sorry for Kevin Kolb because he’s gonna see a lot of blitzes!! G-Men by 14

mega7981- CARDS


Atlanta vs Seattle-

Who would had thought the Falcons would be 1-2 after 3 weeks? I wouldn’t. Last week, they had a couple meltdowns in their loss vs the Bucaneers while the Seahawks got their 1st win last week vs Arizona. This should be the week that Matty Ice & company goes H.A.M on the Seahawks!!

PMeezy11- Falcons by 18.

mega7981- DIRTY BIRDS



Denver vs Green Bay-

The champs are still undefeated while the Broncos are competitive, despite being 0-2. This is a no-brainer.

PMeezy11- Packers by 14

mega7981- G-PACK



New England vs Oakland-

The Raiders got the league’s attention by beating the Jets while the Pats had a meltdown, especially w/ Tom Brady throwing 4 ints & lost to the Bills. Most people are thinking the Pats will come into Oakland angry & just explode on them. However, I’m calling my shot!! For my neitheworld radio comrades Mega 7981 & Noez,

PMeezy11- I got the Silver & Black upsetting the Pats by a See Bass fg. Richard Seymour will be eating Brady for breakfast!!

mega7981- RAIDERS (my pick is bias)



Miami vs San Diego-

The Chargers survived a late Chiefs rally to win their game while the Dolphins had victory snatched from them by Colt McCoy & my Browns. The Dolphins 0-3 start has got Sparino on the hot seat. I wonder if he survives a 0-4 start because I don’t see them beating them Chargers.

PMeezy11-Bolts by 10

mega7981- MIAMI (I hate the Chargers)



N.Y. Jets vs Baltimore-

This is gonna be a defensive battle. The Jets will try to get that Raiders loss, especially McFadden 170 yds rushing out of their system. The Ravens just popped the Rams in the mouth & Flacco found a new best friend  in Tyron Smith. This is huge also because Rex Ryan’s heading back to B-more & he used to coach their defense. So he knows Ray Ray, Ed Reed, Ngata & T-Sizzle. I would say it would be low scoring, but Flacco has better stats than Mark Sanchez. However, since my hatred for B-more is huge since Modell moved them there,

PMeezy11- I got the Jets by a fg. I got you Havana girlfriend!!

mega7981- RAVENS




Indianapolis vs Tampa Bay-

The Colts, especially Dwight Freeney & Robert Mathis played their asses off, but still couldn’t get the win while the Bucs & their defense slowed down the dirty birds. Colts may not have Collins, so Painter may get the start. However, I like the experienced Josh Freeman in this contest.

PMeezy11- Bucs by a fg.

mega7981- BUCS

DJ NOEZ: Bucs 24 Colts13

That’s my time for this week. Happy b-day shoutouts to Christoper Polanco, & my libra sis Lydia Ocampo. Let’s go Yankees! Kinda nervous about game 1 tommorow, but it’ll be a pitcher’s duel w/ Verlander vs Sabathia! I’ll holler at ya’ll next week! Peace!!



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