NFL 2011 Week 3 Picks “The key”

Posted: September 24, 2011 by mega7981 in NFL, THE UNDERDAWGS

 NFL 2011 Week 3 Picks  “The key”

            How’s  my sports fan doing out the in the social network world! I know you are enjoying the offensive explosion in the NFL!! We have so many surprises like Cam Newton is 2nd behind Tom Brady in quarterback rating & 4 of the 7 undefeated teams (Bills, Lions, Redskins, & Texans) didn’t make the postseason. Another surprise we have this week was Goodell cracking down on teams who feight injuries by fining them, along w/ snatching draft picks on them. Really, Goodell?  Just fine them & keep it moving. I wonder what week 3 has in store for us. Before I break them down, my thoughts of the Mayweather/Ortiz fight: Ortiz’s headbutt wasn’t accidental, Mayweather’s punch wasn’t sucker (protect yourself @ all times), & Joe Cortese, the official should be @ fault for letting this happen & a fast count happened.  My thoughts on that, now let’s break down the games.




New England vs Buffalo-

Both teams are undefeated heading into this contest. Tom Brady’s playing out of his mind for the Pats while Ryan Fitzpatrick’s play for the Bills got them thinking contract extension. The Bills have that never-say-die attitude in them. If you don’t believe me, ask the Raiders (sorry Mega).  My prediction for this game is this is where the men becomes the boys.

Sorry Buffalo, your defense will be carved up by Brady. Bills by 14


San Francisco vs Cincinnati-

Both teams are 1-1 heading into this contest. Andy Dalton has caught my attention for the Bengals & A.J. Green is living up to the hype. The 49ers are looking good w/ Harbaugh, but mental mistakes cost them the game last week vs Dallas. It’s the home opener for the Bengals & couple Bengals get to face their former team in Manny Lawson & Taylor Mays. Expect a smash mouth game w/ Cedric Benson & Frank Gore racking yards.

However, I like the Niners by a field goal.


Miami vs Cleveland-

My Brownies return back to the ‘land after gaining their 1st win in Indy last week. Peyton Hillis aka “cover boy” played a major part in their win. As for the Dolphins, another tough home loss, this time it was the Texans that did them the favor. Only bright spots for the Dolphins in that game were Daniel Thomas, who went over 100 yds rushing & Brandon Marshall. It’s the Doplhins 1st road game of the season, so expect some of them to get rattled. I like my Brownies by a field goal.

All they have to do is stop the run & let Colt McCoy play control free ball.




Denver vs Tennessee-

The Broncos head out to Nashville after surving a 3 pt win vs the Bengals last week.  They had to do w/out Eddie Royal, who got hurt. It was so bad for the depth @ Broncos wide receiver that they had to play Tebow at receiver. Elway says that won’t happen again. For the Titans, they surprised everyone by upsetting the Ravens last week. Matt Hasselback had to pass for 300+ yds for them to win since Chris Johnson hasn’t gotten rolling yet (see what happens when you hold out).

I like the Titans by 7. I hope Chris Johnson wakes up this game


Detroit vs Minnesota-

The Lions are one of the surprises this season so far. It doesn’t hurt that Matthew Strafford’s healthy & he has weapons in Calvin Johnson & Jahvid Best.  The Vikings had a meltdown last week vs the Bucaneers, but at least McNabb had more than 37 yds passing. This is a divisional battle, so expect a lot of hard hitting in this contest.

I like the Lions to remain undefeated winning by 6. However, expect Adrian Peterson to go H.A.M. on them. Hurry up & get healthy Nick Fairley


Houston vs New Orleans-

The surprising Texans get their 1st major test when they face the Saints in the Superdome.  The defense is the top rated in the NFL in yds allowed & Ben Tate has been a great compliment to Arian Foster. The Saints regrouped from their Packers w/ a win vs the Bears where their defense got to Cutler for 6 sacks in the game.  I already know that Schaub & Brees will be chucking it out. However, I’m going w/ my gut & picking the Texans for the shocking upset on the road.

I like the Texans because of the running game & on defense, I can see Mario Williams giving Brees nightmares.


N.Y. Giants vs Philadelphia-

The Eagles & Giants rivalry starts this early in the Meadowlands. The Giants have been waiting for this rematch since the last time they play. That was the famous “Miracle in the Meadowlands” game where Desean Jackson won it w/ the walk-off punt return td. The Eagles are having issues, wondering if Michael Vick will be able to play after suffering a concussion last game. Sources are saying he’ll play the game. For the Giants, they had an ugly win in my opinion on Monday night. They lost another defensive player & Domenick Hixon tore his acl again for the 2nd straight yr.

I wonder if Osi will be available this game. It’s a toss-up, but I like the Eagles to win a close fg game. Advice to the Eagles’ offensive line: protect your franchise qb.


Jacksonville vs Carolina-

This game will be exciting for one reason: Brad Gabbert vs Cam Newton. Newton’s got the league by storm w/ his passing prowess while the Jags are giving Gabbert the keys after 3 games.

Rookie qbs airing it out, but I like the Panthers to get Newton his 1st win. Panthers by 6


N.Y. Jets vs Oakland-

The Raiders get their home opener vs the Jets. The Jets last week rattled Luke Mcown so bad that he lost his starting job while the Raiders lost a heartbreaker in Buffalo.  The Raiders have the ground attack & Jason Campbell is playing like he’s back w/ the Redskins. The Jets still have the defense & ground attack. But at some point, Mark Sanchez will step up. I like the Jets winning by a fg (sorry Mega).

If the Raiders had all the receiving corps (Heyward- Bey, Murphy, Ford, & Boss) healthy, they have a chance. However, if Fred Jackson went off on the Raiders d, what can Shon Greene do?


Baltimore vs St. Loius-

The Ravens are looking for answers after that letdown loss in Tennesse last week. The Rams, on the other hand, couldn’t get their red zone offense going on Monday night & it also didn’t hurt there was no Steven Jackson in their game plan. Knowing the Ravens, they are going come @ Sam Bradford w/ everything they got.

A bounce back game for them. Ravens by 14


Kansas City vs San Diego-

No team has been hit more harder than the Chiefs. They lose Eric Berry in week 1, then last week, Jamal Charles tears his acl & is out for the yr. If something happens to Dwayne Bowe, they’re done. For the Chargers, mistakes by Mike Tolbert cost them the game in New England, despite Vincent Jackson ballin out of control.

No chance for the Chiefs in this one. I like the Chargers by 14.


Green Bay vs Chicago-

The oldest rivalry in the NFC north gets off to an early start this week in the Chi. This will be a big game for Jay Cutler because the last time he faced the Packers, it was in the NFC title game & he didn’t finish that game because of his injury. The champs, on the other hand are still rolling on all cylinders. It doesn’t hurt that your quarterback is Aaron Rodgers.

It’s going be a close game, but I like the champs by a touchdown. I wonder how Cutler’s going fare in this game


Arizona vs Seattle-

2 NFC west rivals face each other. The Seahawks haven’t won yet (when are you going to bench Tavaris Jackson Pete) while the Cardinals are 1-1. Nothing much to be said here.  As long as Tavaris Jackson is the starting quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, I don’t like their chances until they put in Charlie Whitehurst.

Cardinal by 7.


Atlanta vs Tampa Bay-

Both teams are coming off rebounding wins. The Falcons had to overcome the hype of Vick’s return to Philly while the Bucs had one of those Josh Freeman comebacks to beat the Vikings. This is a divisional battle, so expect a lot of hard hitting. They’re like a mirror image of each other. For some reason, I’ll go out on a limb & will choose the Bucs in this contest since they are @ home.

Bucs by 6


Pittsburgh vs Indianapolis-

The Steelers rebounded from the Ravens beatdown by shutting out the Seahawks while the Colts took another loss, this time to my Browns. I know the flexible isn’t in effect til like December, but this game should flex for one reason: no Peyton Manning for the Colts.

Steelers by 21.




Washington vs Dallas-

The Redskins are undefeated while the Cowboys, especially Tony Romo redeemed themselves after the choke job in New York. Romo had the heart to come back w/ a cracked rib & punctured lung to lead a Cowboys comeback to beat the 49ers. One minute, he was Lebron James, the next he’s Dirk Nowiztki. Another divisional game. However, it may come down to who wins the qb battle between Romo & Rex Grossman.  I like the Cowboys chances by a touchdown, but it would be something if the Redskins leave Texas 3-0. Letty Bear, just be happy I choose you guys.

However, should they lose, I’ll be the happiest 35 yd old!!


That’s my time for this week. Last week, I went 12-4 while Mega went 10-6 & Noez finished @ 8-8. Let’s see if I have the better record again this week. Happy b-day shoutouts to my boy Allister Carlos, my niece Dejah Irving aka Fudgebar, & Gina Rival, who shares a b-day w/ yours truly as I hit 35 on Monday!! See ya next week. Peace!!





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