NFL 2011 Week #2 Preview & Picks

Posted: September 15, 2011 by mega7981 in NFL, THE UNDERDAWGS


NFL 2011 Week 2 Preview & Picks

by: DJ Playmaker

What’s going down my nfl heads!!  I know most of y’all enjoyed week 1 & for the tv ratings, it showed. We saw things like Baltimore poppin Pittsburgh in the mouth, my Browns getting okiedoked by Gradiowski & the Bengals, Romo faltering in the 4th, Brady going H.A.M on the dolphins for 517 yds & Seabass joining history in the Raiders win. I wonder what week 2 has in store for us. Let’s break down the games shall we


Oakland vs Buffalo-

The Raiders head into orchad Park to face a Bills team who surprised everyone by poppin the Chiefs in the mouth in arrowhead! Both teams used different ways to win: Raiders by smash mouth w/ Mcfadden, bush, & reece while the Bills were shocked by fitzpatrick’s performance (who the hell is Brian Schroder). In the words of Jadakiss, we’re going to find out who’s real & who’s not. I like the Raiders’ chance, but cut down on the penalties!!

Playmaker: Raiders by a field goal


-mega7981: RAIDERS  (my pick is bias of course)


Green Bay vs Carolina-

The Champs are coming off a nail biting win vs the Saints while the Panthers had a heartbreaking loss in Arizona, despite Cam Newton’s coming out party w/ 400+ yds passing. It’s the home opener for the Panthers, so the home folks will have a lot to cheer for!! I see a lot of passing yds, but I wonder which team is going to win the rushing battle. I know the Panthers have Williams & Stewart while the Packers have starks & Ryan Grant. It’s going be a close game, but the champs will prevail.

Playmaker: Packers by a touchdown


-mega7981: PACKERS


Kansas City vs Detroit-

Boy oh Boy, I wonder how the Chiefs are going to respond after what happened to them last week. The Lions, on the other hand, had to hold off a late Tampa Bay rally to win their opener.  The Chiefs will also start life w/out Eric Berry, who tore his acl last week. Both teams have young playmakers in their offensive postions, but I like the Lions’ defense to hold their own.

PLAYMAKER: Since the Lions are @ home & they are the sexy pick for the media this yr, I like the Lions by a touchdown!!


-mega7981 GO LIONS!


Cleveland vs indianapolis-

my browns got caught off guard by gradiowski & the Bengals last week while the colts showed the world what they look like w/out Peyton Manning. I know this won’t come down to colt mccoy vs Kerry Collins, but my browns have the madden cover boy in peyton hillis & the colts’ defense has a weakness & it’s stopping the run. I like my browns by a touchdown & the suck for lucke campaign continues for the colts.

PLAYMAKER: Browns by a touchdown


mega7981: BROWNS


Tampa bay vs Minnesota-

The Vikings can hope Donovan mcnabb can survive from that 39yds passing game against the bucs, Then again, he still has Adrian Peterson as his running back. The Bucs almost pulled off their magic last week on Detroit. This used to be a nfc central rivalry game, so expect a lot of hard hitting. I wonder who wins the rushing battle between Peterson & legarret blount, who complained about getting the ball less.

PLAYMAKER: I like the Bucs by a touchdown.


-mega7981 Vikings


Chicago vs New Orleans-

before I start this, I would like to give condolensces to brian urlacher & his family since he lost his mom. Urlacher was a major part along w/ a rejuvenated jay cutler in their win vs the falcons last week. The saints, on the other hand are still shaking their heads about how Mark Ingram couldn’t get in the end zone from a yd out to tie that game. I expect a lot of passing from brees since Ingram, not pierre Thomas won’t be a factor in the running game. If this game was in chi-town, I would like the bears’ chance.

Playmaker: But, I like the saints by 10 pts.




Jackonsville vs n.y. jets- the jets are hoping to carry that momentum from that emotional win vs the cowboys while the jags are riding off a 2pt win vs the titans. I wonder how the jags can win w/ mcown starting @ quarterback. For the Jets, mark sanchez shook off 2 turnovers, but in reality, the defense & special teams saved him.

PLAYMAKER: I like the jets by 10



Seattle vs Pittsburgh-

damn, I feel sorry for the seahawks. A week after ted ginn singlehandly killed you in the bay, you’re heading into Heinz field against a steelers team who are still wondering what the hell hit them in the mouth in b-more. I know what happened, 7 turnovers & james Harrison giving joe flacco bullentin board material to fire his ass up. However, they better thank god they have to face tavaris Jackson.

PLAYMAKER: Steelers by 14




Baltimore vs Tennessee-

Flacco & the ravens are flying high after sending a message to the steelers. The titans had a tough loss vs the jags. I feel sorry for chris Johnson because he won’t be a factor in the running game. I know hasselback is an experienced qb, but he’s going running from mercy from t-sizzle, ray lewis, ngata & company.

PLAYMAKER: Ravens by 10




Arizona vs Washington-

Rex Grossman is looking to get the redskins to a 2-0 start after this week. He outplayed eli manning last week while the cardinals won in Kevin kolb’s debut as cardinals starting quarterback. How funny is that Kolb threw 2 td passes & none of them went to larry fitzgerald.  I think he’ll get at least 2 this week. However, for some reason, I like the redskins to win because they have a better defense.

PLAYMAKER: Redskins by a touchdown




Dallas vs san Francisco-

Two teams who had great rivalries in the 80’s & 90’s meet up in candlestick. The 49ers are coming off giving jim harbaugh his 1st win as 49ers coach while the cowboys are answering questions about their meltdown in new York & players & owner jerry jones rushing to the aid of tony room. My advice for that: leave that man alone. Until you hear he’s on suicidal watch, then give him a group hug. However, for my niners fans, get prepared for an ass whipping.

PLAYMAKER: Cowboys by 14 (hope I prove you right letty bear)




Cincinnati vs Denver-

The Bengals won their opener while the broncos couldn’t stop the raiders’ running game & john fox still can’t figure out while the crowd chants “we want tebow”. This is a toss-up. Andy Dalton, if healthy vs kyle orton.

PLAYMAKER:I like the Bengals by a touchdown & because of cedric benson. Prepare for more “we want tebow” chants in denver




Houston vs Miami-

The Texans laid the smackdown on the colts last week while the dolphins lost to the pats in which they give up 517 yds to tom brady & benny sapp gets cut because he got burned by wes welker on a 99 yd td pass. Houston won w/ out arian foster, who might play this week. There were a couple bright spots for the dolphins: chad henne passing for 300+ yds & reggie bush rengernizing his career.

PLAYMAKER: However, I like the Texans by 10




San diego vs new England-

A week after going h.a.m on the dolphins, I wonder what tom brady has for an encore. However, I got something to say to ex-patriots bruschi, Harrison, & Woodley: child please!! Leave ocho cinco alone. Just because he tweeted about being in awe of the pats’ offense doesn’t mean you have to go off on him. I would had understand if he tweeted about not getting the ball, but he’s learning to be a team player. For the chargers, we have another quarterback in Rivers, who’s almost up there w/ brady & he has weapons also in Tolbert, Matthews, gates, Jackson, & Floyd. Expect a high scoring game.

PLAYMAKER: However, I like the pats by a fg.


MEGA: PATRIOTS (i hate the Chargers)


Philadelphia vs Atlanta-

in the words of dirty money, I’m coming home. In that of Michael vick, who returns to the place where he took the world by storm. The eagles are coming off a 13 pt win while the dirty birds are shaking their head about what happened in chi-town. This will be an emotional game . I would like to see matty ice bounce back from last week, but something tells that vick’s going go off this game.

PLAYMAKER: Eagles by 3

NOEZ: Eagles




St Louis vs N.Y. Giants-

The Giants get their chance to entertain the meadowlands on Monday night. They will have to redeem themselves after the redskins manhandled them last week. The rams were hit by the injury bug in the eagles’ loss. At least bradford’s injury wasn’t that serious. But, steven Jackson pulling up limp after 2 plays? C’mon son. I hope cadilac is built like one & not like a pinto. I know the giants defense has been hit by the injury bug, but I think they will win this close game. The reason I say close is because the rams coach knows the giants very well.

PLAYMAKER: Giants by 6. To mr underdawg steven screws, you better hope your g-men don’t start 0-2.




That’s my time. Last week, I went 11-5 in my picks. I hope I do better this week & I’ll probably get picks from Screws, Mega, and Noez this week. Happy b-day shoutouts to Mandi Owen, Crystal Santos, Jackie Papazian, & my rockstar Joann villa!!! I see you guys next week. Peace!!


  1. .Noez! says:

    i like your pix Buck, i have a some different from yours though..I just fb messeged my pix to Mega, i’ll foward them to you also, so u can keep score…like i told Mega, i went 10-6 last week, so i hope to keep my pix rollin…Peace.

  2. .Noez! says:

    Playmaker is straight killin’ this week!

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