NFL WEEK #1 PREDICTIONS “This time, it counts!!”

Posted: September 7, 2011 by mega7981 in NFL

This time, it counts!! Written By:PLAYMAKER

What’s going my pigskin freaks!! After 4 weeks of preseason football, which was a fresh breath of air since we didn’t know if we was going to have it or not, the real deal starts! On Thursday, we have our 1st official regular season game of the 2011 season & oh boy, it’s a doozie! Let’s break down week 1 shall we!



New Orleans vs Green Bay

What a way to open the season w/ the last 2 super bowl champions facing each other! The defending champs probably have a chip on their shoulder since the Eagles have took all their attention while the Saints want to forget about that playoff loss in Seattle. Both teams are ready & expect a lot of passing from both Aaron Rodgers & Drew Brees. However, it may come down to the running game for both teams.

I see the Packers winning a close game. Packers by a Mason Crosby field goal



Atlanta vs Chicago-

The teams w/ the best 2 records in the NFC last yr face each other in this opening contest. Both teams have questions to answer after last season: for the Falcons, can they get that taste out of their mouth from that loss to Green Bay & for the Bears, pretty much is Jay Cutler a leader? He pretty much in my opinion, quit on the team in the conference championship game w/ that injury. It’s one game away from the super bowl & he wimped out, leaving it to Hanie to lead that team in the biggest game of the season. The Falcons, however reloaded by trading up in the draft to get Julio Jones & signing Ray Edwards in free agency while the Bears picked up former Cowboys Roy Williams & Marion Barber. However, they have a disgruntled player in Lance Briggs, who wants to be traded. Too many distractions.

I can see the Falcons winning this one by 10 pts.


Indianapolis vs Houston

Oh my god, this game has gotten very interested w/ the news that Peyton Manning is doubtful for this game. This mean his streak of 200+ consective starts may end & Kerry Collins has to hold down the ship til Peyton returns. As for the Texans, they are the sexy pick to finally make the postseason by winning the AFC South, which the Colts have dominated this decade. They have the offensive weapons in Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels, & Arian Foster to complement Matt Schaub. However, they addressed the defensive side of the ball this offseason by signing Jonathan Joseph to help out the secondary & add more defensive playmakers along Mario Williams, Brian Cushing, & DeMarco Ryans. If the Texans want to prove they are for real, then this is the game to prove the NFL.

Texans by 10

Buffalo vs Kansas City

The Chiefs may have some issues since Matt Cassel hurt his ribs in the final exhibition game last, but I see him playing this game. The Chiefs are the defending AFC West champs since the Chargers had their usual early season struggles & Jamal Charles made a name of himself last season. The Bills are still rebuilding, since they traded Lee Evans to Baltimore & Trent Edwards isn’t competing w/ Lee Fitzpatrick for the qb job since he’s in Oakland. However, they still have the youth movement in Steve Johnson & C.J. Spiller. However, the Chiefs want to prove that winning the divison wasn’t a fluke.

Chiefs by a touchdown


Tennessee vs Jacksonville

For the 1st time in like 20+ yrs, the Titans will be opening up the season w/ a coach other than Jeff Fisher. The Titans parted ways w/ both Fisher & Vince Young & Matt Hasselback is the starter for now til they decide to put the keys in Jake Locklear’s hands. The Titans should be rejuvenated since Chris Johnson ended his holdout & got his new contract. For the Jaguars, the focal point is still Maurice Jones Drew & Mercedes Lewis grew into a star in his own right. However, by them drafting Blaine Gibbert in the 1st round, it looks like the door is closing real soon for David Girrad. It’s a divisional battle, so anything is possible & close.

However, I’ll take the Jags by a fg since I don’t know if Chris Johnson is gonna be rusty since he missed the whole preseason.


Cincinnati vs Cleveland

The battle of Ohio opens up this contest. For the Browns, Colt McCoy is the anointed one as the starter & Madden 12 cover Peyton Hillis is looking to carry that momentum from last season. Mike Holgremn is slowly turning things around in Cleveland while in the ‘Natti, Mike Brown’s personal vendetta for not trading Carson Palmer when he wanted to bounce forced his franchise qb to retire & they also traded Ocho Cinco to New England for a 3rd round pick. So the era of Andy Dalton to A.J Green starts this Sunday.

You already knows where my picks going. Brownies by a fg.


Philadelphia vs St. Louis

The team that America wants to see opens up in the Show Me state. For the Eagles, they will have a big bulls-eye on them since all those acqustions they picked up, along w/ Vick’s 6yr, 100 million contract make the early contenders for the Super Bowl. For the Rams, they are playing w/ house money, since nobody thinks they would win this game, except for their fans in St. Louis. Sam Bradford made a believer outta everyone & they added more help by signing Cadillac Williams to back up Steven Jackson. However, the story for this game is how Philly’s gonna start their season & all eyes are on them like Pac would say.

I like the Eagles by 10 pts.


Pittsburgh vs Baltimore

The nastiest rivalry in the AFC North opens this season. Both teams are like a mirror image of themselves w/ their defensive intestnity. However, on offense, that’s where the similarities ended. Joe Flaco’s in his 3rd yr & slowly becoming a household name while Ben Roethesberger is still trying to get up there w/ Bradshaw when it comes to championship qbs in Steelers history. Whenever these teams play, it’s always a close game & trust me, it won’t be different.

I can see the Ravens winning this one by a field goal.However, expect a lot of hard hitting in this game.


Detroit vs Tampa Bay

We have a battle of young qbs in Josh Freeman & Matthew Stradford in this contest. For the Lions, a lot of people are drinking their kool-aid since they feel like Stradford, Jahvid Best, & Calvin Johnson are the new version of Aikman, Smith, & Irvin. Besides, the Lions haven’t this much noise since Barry Sanders retire. However, Stafford hasn’t played a full season since he’s been in the league & people hope he can. As for the Bucs, Rahiem Morris took a young team & made them win 10 games, yet they missed the postseason. It also hurts that they were in the same division w/ the Saints & Falcons. These teams use to be in the same division when the NFC central existed. I think this game will be slept on & I like this contest.

However, I like the Bucs in this contest since they want to make a mark that they belong up there w/ the elite teams in the postseason.


Minnesota vs San Diego

The Vikings got their guy they wanted for the last 2 yrs before Favre arrived. Donovan McNabb, in my opinion, made the best move in his career by coming to the Vikings because he finally has a running back in Adrian Peterson to hand off to. Sad part for McNabb is that he won’t be throwing passes to Sidney Rice since he took the money & bounced to Seattle. For the Chargers, they are looking to reclaim something that the Chiefs took from them last yr: the division title & they are also still looking to reach to that next plateau & that is to reach the super bowl & win it all. I don’t care about their early slow starts, they always finish strong. Rivers & company want to change all that by opening strong & closing strong.

I like the Chargers by 10 (sorry Rob, too much firepower for the Chargers).

N.Y. Giants vs Washington

The Giants head over to D.C to face the Redskins in this divisional battle. For the Giants, this has been a crazy season w/ 5 defensive starters being out for the season because of injuries & Osi Uneymora missing this week & they still don’t know if he’ll be back after the season. However, you can never count them out when they have Eli Manning as their qb. For the Redskins, they decided that Rex Grossman is the man for them. Really, Rex Grossman? The same quarterback who couldn’t get a clean snap under center in Chicago w/out fumbling. At least he has confidence in his team when he predicted that they’ll win the NFC East.

In the words of Ed Lover- C’mon Son. W/ out Osi & the 5 starters, I like the Giants’ chance. Giants by 14 pts.


Carolina vs Arizona

The Cam Newton era begins in Arizona as “Killa Cam” gets the start in this contest. In my opinion & this is words of advice for Jimmy Clausen, when you see your agent, ask for a trade. You were their future when they drafted you in the 3rd round last yr & this is how they treat you by select Cam w/ their top pick. For the Cardinals, they feel they got their guy in Kevin Kolb, but at what price. They had to say goodbye to Dominque Rodgers Cromartrie to acquire him. However, they feel confident in themselves when they made Larry Fitzgerald the highest paid player in the league w/ his new contract.

2 young qbs here, but I like the Cardinals by a touchdown since Kolb has a lot to prove.


Seattle vs San Francisco

The Seahawks get to defend their division title against a divisional foe in the 49ers. For the 49ers, it’s now or never for Alex Smith. I know he’s been through like 5 offensive coordinators in like 6 yrs, but Jim Harbaugh believes in him. They still have Frank Gore & Vernon Davis. The defensive side of the ball took some hits w/ players likes Nate Clements, Taylor Mays, Manny Lawson, & Takeo Spikes bouncing via free agency or trade, but they still have Patrick Willis. For the Seahawks, they won the division w/ a 7-9 record & in my opinion, they got lucky by beating the Saints in that wild card game. I don’t know how Pete Carroll did it, but he had the players believing in him. However, this yr is different as Matt Hasselback’s in Tennessee, so Tavaris Jackson is handling the reigns for this team. I still don’t know how they convinced Sidney Rice to come play w/ them. If I had to choose a winner for this game, I like the Niners & for this one reason: Harbaugh owns Carroll. He had his number when Stanford played SC.

49ers by a field goal by David Akers (what up to Marco, Theresa Guiterezz, & Joesph Mendoza)


Dallas vs N.Y. Jets

The Cowboys head to the Meadowlands to face the Jets in this Sunday night contest. This has an intriguing storyline w/ Rob Ryan as the defensive coordinator facing his brother Rex. The Jets feel like the 3rd time’s going to be the charm for them. They stayed in pact, except for Shaun Ellis taking his talents to Foxborro to play w/ the Pats. For the Cowboys, the good news for them is Tony Romo’s back from a shoulder injury & they feel they have a great shot to compete w/ the Eagles & Giants in the NFC east. It’s gonna be a rock em sock em match-up. For this yr, I hope that Rex takes the handcuffs off Sanchez & let him take chances. I know Rex loves to run the ball w/ Shon Greene & Ladinan Tomilson, but they just added Plaxico Burress to go along w/ Santino Holmes. Speaking of Burress, he has something to prove since he spent a yr in jail & wants to have a comeback story like Michael Vick.

I like the Jets by a fg (sorry Letty bear. I love you, but you know how I feel about them Cowboys)



New England vs Miami

The Pats get the early game of the Monday night doubleheader. The Pats made news by acquiring Ocho Cinco & Albert Haynesworth in the offseason. As long as you have Tom Brady as your qb & Belicheck as your coach, you can never count them out. For the Dolphins, they’re still stuck w/ Chad Henne as their quarterback because they backed out of a deal to acquire Kyle Orton from Denver. It’s a divisional battle, but the Dolphins are garbage.

Pats by 21.


Oakland vs Denver

The final game of the night pits the Raiders against the Broncos. The last time the Raiders were in the Mile High city, they posted 59 points on their asses. New changes in Raider nation. Goodbye Tom Cable, hello Hue Jackson. They swept the AFC west last yr, but the Chargers & Chiefs are ready for them . For the Broncos, Orton’s their guy, but the story is that Tebow’s 3rd string behind Brady Quinn. Should I laugh or feel bad for him, I hate both players because Quinn couldn’t get the job done in Cleveland while Tevbow ruined the Buckeyes’ chances of a BCS title in ’08.

As for this game, gotta roll w/ the silver & black. Too much McFadden (what up Mega 7981)!

Those are my picks for this week. I know @ some point, I’ll be receiving Mega & Mr. Underdawg Steven Screws picks for this week. If you have picks, you can leave them on my facebook page @ or @ the website: I gotta give some b-day shoutout this week to my homies Mike Soto, Raul Caracoza (what up Boogie), Andy Clark (can’t wait to see your fantasy football squad) & Aileen Capelo. Until then, I’m out. Peace!!


  1. .Noez! says:

    We should set up a neither world pick-em contest, to see who picks the most winners between us

    • mega7981 says:

      lets do it starting week 2…. the music side should be up and running as soon I clean up the links, Buck gets his laptop and the weather starts to chill. So we on the comeboack slowly but surley.

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