Milestones & death penalty

Posted: August 19, 2011 by djplaymaker in MLB, NCAA

Jim thoime = Mr. 600!!!

What’s going on out there young America! I know everybody’s enjoying themselves this week. Last week, we had our 1st full week of preseason football as the fans were getting their competive juices back for some pigskin. Week 2 starts tonight, however there were a couple things that got my attention this week. Let’s talk about them shall.

1) Jim Thome= Mr 600!! Congrats to Jim Thome as on Monday, he hit 2 homeruns to crack the 600 hr milestone. He joined 7 other players that includes Bonds, Ruth, Aaron, Mays, Sosa, & A-Rod. However, there was one question a lot of radio media asked: is he a hall of famer. To me, I think yes. I watched him during his time w/ the Indians when he was overshadowed by power hitters like Albert Belle, Manny Ramirez, & Roberto Alomar & he still put up like 30+ hrs & 100+ rbis a yr. He was never mentioned in the Mitchell Report, which is a plus for the common old school fan. He’s also a great mentor for the young generation of superstars. So yes, he’s hall of fame worthy.

2) The “U” & their troubles- What the hell’s going on out there in Coral Gables? We just found out yesterday that Nevin Shapiro, a former booster @ the University of Miami now serving 20 yrs in prison, claimed that he treated players to sex parties, nightclub outings, & boats to 72 players from 2002 to 2010. Really, 8 yrs? Why wait til rat them out then now? I mean, if you’re ratting to cut some time off sentence, but damn. In the last 18 months, the NCAA has been investigating major schools like USC, Ohio St, Auburn, Michigan, North Carolina, & W. Virginia over some violations. However, they think the Miami one is so serious that it may result in the “death penalty”. The “death penalty” hasn’t happened since the early 80’s & it screwed up SMU for years. Usually, your typical probations does damage to your school for like 3 to 4 yrs, but the “death penalty” is no joke. W/ all these schools being investigated, they might as well be the Ivy League, where they take their education seriously.

Before I go, we found out that Terelle Pryor was elgilble for the supplement draft, but can’t play til week 8. Technically, he’s still blackballed by the NCAA & the NFL. Also, congrats to my niece Dejah Irving, who actually picked up her classes for her freshman r @ Whittier High. Everyone out there, enjoy a safe weekend & I see ya’ll next week ! Peace!!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Great column homie! Thome is a slam dunk hall of famer, If the U get the Death Penalty, they’ll be done, however it won’t happen cuz the U makes way to much $$$ in Miami

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