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Posted: August 12, 2011 by djplaymaker in NFL

It just got better in DOWNTOWN LA

August 9th, 2011. A day that will go down as a landmark in the new renaissance of downtown L.A. Through my years living in California, all I know is whenever you go downtown Los Angeles, it was just pretty boring. Most people just worked downtown from the morning till like 5 pm. After 5, it was like a ghost town. It was nothing to do or nowhere to go. It was took over by the homeless. However, recently it’s starting to change. It pretty much started in 1999 when Staples Center was built. It had both the Lakers, Clippers, & Kings hockey home games there. It brought some late night attention, especially w/ the Lakers 3 peat in 2000 to 2002. Then, around 2006, they start building places & attraction like ESPN zone, Grammy Muesum, Lucky Stripes & other restaurants & bars to make downtown L.A like Manhatten in New York. Everything was clicking, but now they hit the jackpot. It was announced that the city council approved a framework deal that would grant a private developer access to tax free financing to built a 72, 000 seat on the convention campus. In other words, they’re building a stadium & it’s not coming off the city books. That was a major issue since the city’s budget has been a mess the last 3 yrs. If you don’t believe me, then why did the Lakers organizaton had to front the bill for their last championship parades? The city government was broke & were still trying to get out the red after having Michael Jackson’s funeral @ Staples Center. Another issue also was that there was another group that was building a stadium in the City of Industry. However, the downtown stadium has Industry beaten by the numbers when they got ownership rights to their name of their field: Farmers Field. Another perk that the AEG got was that it’ll open up more jobs in the downtown area & that was a big must. It gave that more hope.

So the L.A area’s going to have 2 stadiums in like 6 yrs. The city’s excited. However, the number 1a & 1b question are: Are we getting an expansion team or will we getting a exsisting time. Remember, it’s been 16 yrs since L.A had a football team in the Raiders & Rams (however, we don’t consider Anaheim Los Angeles). We’ve been hearing rumours of 5 teams that might want to take their talents to Los Angeles. The main ones are the Raiders, who left because Al Davis coudn’t get a new stadium deal from the city & the Chargers because the lease @ Qualcomn Stadium is expiring. Me personally, I’m a Browns fan & if I had to choose a team to relocate out here, I would like to seen the Jacksonville Jags since their fans don’t support them. Plus, Maurice Jones- Drew is an UCLA aluminus & you can build your fan base around him. However, if it came between the Chargers & Raiders, I think it should be the Chargers, Just think about it, we been there & done that w/ the Raiders. They couldn’t sell out the Los Angeles Coliseum & the history of violence @ their games in the stands drew the fans away. Yes, I know it’s still Raider fans out here, but I see a lot of Charger jerseys since the fans adopted them as their team. The distance is close from L.A to Diego & the Chargers moved their training camp to Carson I think just in case the move happens. All I know is this: 2016, downtown L.A. is going to look crazy different.

That’s my time this week. Thank you to all facebook comrades who gave me & my folks love on monday to remember my sis’ 31st b-day. If you have any feedback or opinions, you can leave them @ either my facebook page @ facebook.com/djplaymaker10 or @ the site: neitherworldradio.wordpress.com. We out baby!!



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