Let the dream begin!!

Posted: August 4, 2011 by djplaymaker in NFL

Are Vick & the Eagles the favorites to win it all this yr?

What a way to start free agency in the NFL!! Since the announcement of the NFL lockout ending, we have seen some movers & shakers in the offseason. No team got more than the Philadelphia Eagles, who got a lot of attention w/ their acqusitions. It all started when they acquired Dominque Rodgers-Cromatrie & a 2nd round pick in next yr’s draft from the Arizona Cardinal in exchange for Kevin Kolb. Kolb’s future w/ the Eagles was on thin after Michael Vick’s remarkable comeback yr. He was in trade rumors before, during, & after the draft. However, teams couldn’t do anything since the work stoppage was going on. When the lockout ended, you knew teams were going to contact the Eagles about Kolb. In my opinion, the Eagles got the better end of the deal. I know the Cardinals got an upgrade i quarterback & he got paid by the way when they gave him a new contract w/ $21 million guaranteed, but the Eagle picked up a cornerback that can help them in the secondary, which was their weakness last yr. In the end, Kolb got paid & the Cards got raped!

So you thought that was over. Oh boy, the next announcement shocked the NFL. It was announcesd that they signed Nnamdi Ashomuga, the premier cornerback in the free agency. Nnadi was the NFL’s version of Lebron’s decision. Only thing different about this decision was that the Eagles weren’t in the running for him. The onlt teams who were courting him very hard were the Houston Texans, San francisco 49ers, & N.Y. Jets. The Texans backed out when they signed Jonathan Joseph, meaning the Jets were the clear favs. However, the Dallas Cowboys were making last minute run @ him & the Jets wanted an answer within 24 hrs. You had the media having wet dreams about Nnamdi on one side & Darelle Revis on the other side. Talk about a quarterback’s nightmare. However, when he decided to sign w/ the Eagles, it threw the league out on left field. Now instead of Revis & Ashomuga on the same team, you got Rodgers-Cromatire, Asmoguha, & Asante Samuel, assuming he’s not traded from now til I post this blog. The secondary was set, but they weren’t done making moves. They signed Vince Young to back up Vick, Cullen Jenkins to shore up the defensive line, & Ronnie Brown to back Lesean McCoy. They almost hit the jackpot w/Randy Moss, who recently decided to retire. However, he decided to keep his ground & stayed retired.

So with all these signings, the Eagles were looking like the Washington Redskins, the paper champs of the offseason since Daniel Snyder’s own the team. They were called the “dream team” by Vince Young, but my favorite is the “Miami Heat of the NFL”. We already know what happened to the Heat this past season. All that hype got them to the finals. but no ring to show for it. However, Andy Reid doesn’t want the team to believe the hype. He rather let the team’s play do all the talking. He knows that championships aren’t won in the offseason. They are won on the field, not in free agency. So what the Eagles are probably the favs up there w/ the elite, but remember who has the trophy? The Green Bay Packers. But I know this: the Eagles will have the buls-eye this season.

That’s my time for this week. Before I go, i got a lot of shoutouts. !st one, to my boy Jason Ross aka Butter, who has a b-day this week. 2nd shoutout, to the hall of fame class of 2011 (Deion Sanders, Marshall Faulk, Shannon Sharpe, & Ed Sabol). 3rd & final shout out, from my heart, a posthumous 31st b-day shoutout to my sister Carole Marie Brewster. Last week was my family & both her & TBagz were both on my mids. Their memories will always be there in my hearts. Also, get well to Mike Patterson of the Eagles. Til then, I’m out!! Peace



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