Back to Football!!!!!

Posted: July 28, 2011 by djplaymaker in NFL

Back to Fooball!!!!!!!

So far, the best 3 words I ever heard this summer! As a 34 yr old male, I would like to personally thank the NFL for saving us males from a boring ass sundays if you never got on your job & ended your lockout (you hear this NBA!). And as this month goes, you can feel the excitement in your heart racing as your wonder about random thoughts for your favorite team as they train for the goal to be called champion!! Same thing goes for fantasy football fanatics (I’m taking what’s mine this yr). You get excited on sundays when you get stat happy!! So far, we have seen some movers & shakers in the transaction dept! However, I’m having random thoughts as there are some questions to be asked this season! Let’s break some down shall we!

1) Can the Packers defend their crown- Last yr, they were the sexy pick to win it all. Injuries hit them very hard early in the season w/ JerMichael Finley & Ryan Grant getting season ending injuries. However, they picked a right time to get hot in the postseason to bring Lombardi back home. When you got Aaron Rodgers’ moxi, I think they can do it again

2) Can Michael Vick continue his comeback story w/ a title- Apparently, it looks like Vick will be the man in Philly since Kevin Kolb’s taking his talent to Glendale, Arizona. Whoever thought that in their right mind that Vick would come back like that after basically just being there the trial yr in Philly. It sucked that Kolb got her, but he made the Eagles watchable & dangerous w/ him, McCoy, Desean Jackson, Jermey Macklin, & Brent Celek. Now, he’s getting a real oppurtunity to win a ring. Rogers-Cromatire, who’s coming in the Kolb deal from Arizona, will make receivers decide whether to test him or Assante Samuel. I can also see Vick continue his magical run w/ a ring.

3) Willl the 3rd time be the charm for Rex Ryan & the Jets- The last 2 seasons, Rex Ryan has tooking the Jets to the AFC title, but came up short. He’s done it w/ an agressive defensive, great running game, & his swagger of believing that his team is better than everyone. Now, all that talking hasn’t won him nothing yet, but I believe he’ll win a ring @ some point. Could it be this yr? They resigned Santino Holmes & are interested in Randy Moss (bye bye Braylon) & Asomugha (don’t you feel bad Raider nation)!! They have to @ some point

4) Which new coaches will make slight improvements for their teams- Names like Rivera to Panthers, Shumur in Cleveland, Jackson w/ the Raiders pop up in my mind for this one.

and the final question

5) Will the Madden curse ever be defeated- I think this yr’s cover guy can catapult off this selection. I’m talking about Peyton Hillis. He’s one of those throwback old school backs who would run your ass over than run out of bounds & don’t forget about the hurdle!! I know he plays for the Browns & plays in one of the toughest divisions in the AFC w/ the Ravens & Steelers. However, he was the only thing for me as a Browns fan to be excited about last yr since we ran Cribbs to death & don’t get me started on being snubbed for the Pro bowl.

That’s my thoughts for the season & also my time. Before I go, I got to give a happy b-day shoutout to my girl & 49er fan Theresa Dayna Guiterezz & a special safe welcome to my Curry family members as my family reunion starts this weekend out in L.A!! Let’s be safe family & enjoy the momets. Any replies or feedbacks, you can leave them either @ my facebook page @ or @ Until then, we’re out!!!



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