Not again?

Posted: July 22, 2011 by djplaymaker in NCAA

What’s going on out there in the social network world! I finally got a topic to discuss for this week’s blog. It’s somebody that I haven’t picked on a while since karma was biting me in the ass! It’s those USC Trojans & one of their players (Marc Tyler) made the news for the dumbest reasons. While hanging w/ his boys, he see paparazzi cameras around, which meant TMZ’s in the house. I guess he’s a big fan & want his 15 mins of fame, so he goes over to the camera crew. Then, someone out of the blue asks him “Do you get paid more @ SC or anywhere else”? I guess they didn’t know Marc was intoxicated because he joked around & said “SC, we stack paper”. Now, if TMZ wasn’t around, I think he wouldn’t been in trouble & wouldn’t be suspended for the season opener. The reason he got suspended in my opinion is because Haden & Kiflin are trying their best to wipe out anything that Reggie Bush left behind there & they don’t need the NCAA back on their ass since this is their final yr on probation.

However, this isn’t the 1st time Mr. Tyler has faced complaints over @ SC. He’s already had two public intoxicated incidents on his plate & this looks bad for him as a 5th yr senior. He was the team’s leading rusher last yr w/ 913 yrds & 9 tds. W/ him missing the Minnesota, game, Kiflin will have to go w/ running back by commitee w/ Dillion Baxter, D.J. Morgan, & Curtis McNeal competing for the starting tailback job. It probably wouldn’t matter since Kiflin was looking for a pass balanced offense around Matt Barkley. From now til whenever his suspension end, Tyler’s gonna have to do a lot of ass kissing. He should had took the quiet approach like his dad Wendell use to do. I mean, if TMZ can get a player suspended for joking on camera about something, then I wonder what they do to someone when college basketball returns.

That’s my time this week. By the end of the week, we’ll know if the NFL lockout is over (get on your job next NBA!!). A couple b-day shoutouts, one to Lisette Guzman (my class of 95 comrade) & Leticia Robinson (class of 98). Next week is big week for me as the Curry family arrives in LA LA land. Any feedback or opinions, you know what to do. Peace!!



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