A quiet week

Posted: July 16, 2011 by djplaymaker in LIFE, MLB, NFL

How’s it going out there! I know it’s good, except if you’re the L.A area & have to deal w/ Carmagedon. If last week’s sports events were wild, then this week was kinda mild as not many things popped off. Let’s review things shall we!

1) NFL lockout over?- Yes, that’s not a typo as after 4 months of work stoppage, the players & owners reached an agreement on things. However, some hurdles that were in the way were reached as in the owners turning down the one- time right to 1st refusal tags on free agents & the rookie compensation when in the rookie contract, the fifth yr option must be picked up after yr 3, meaning if your the top 10 picks, you get paid the average salary of the top 10 players @ their position & picks 11- 32, the amount would be the average of salary no.3 to 25 @ a given position. From a fans’ point of view, we should be happy because we will have football start on time & resume our Sundays!

2) MLB no shows- As you may know, the NL are on a 2 game winning streak as they won the game again 5-1. However, that wasn’t the biggest story. The story was that 15 replacements were called up to play the game! What is this, the pro bowl! Some of them had legitimate reasons to miss it (injuries & pitchers playing on Sunday) & in the words of Derek Jeter, exaustion played a part for him missing the game. Some of the purists were mad about this. However, as a fan, I wasn’t. If a player skips the game, oh well. You have players who get snubbed originally get a chance to shine since their games aren’t telivised nationally like Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates, who are in the thick of the NL East race.

3) Michael Irvin- The original “Playmaker” made news this week as he appeared shirtless in this month of Out magazine. This is the no. 1 magazine in the U.S. The reason he did is because he had an older brother (Vaughn, who died in 2006 of stomach cancer) who was gay. He was kinda quiet about it because he was focusing on his career, now he thinks he’s in a different place to deal w/ it. In the article, he said his Cowboys title teams would had accept a player who was gay. I use to be homophobiac, but their people just like us, but have different orientation to who they have sex with. Props to Irvin for doing this. I know this is a controversial topic, but if the governor of California can pass a bill requiring gay studies be taught in high schools, then times have changed in America.

That’s my thoughts of this week. Before I bounce, got some belated shoutouts to my boy Raul Ramos & pre b-day ones to Leticia Robinson aka Letty Bear, who hits 31 next week. Any opinions & feedback, you can either leave it @ my facebook page @ facebook.com/djplaymaker10 or @ neitherworldradio.wordpress.com



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