The week that was

Posted: July 9, 2011 by djplaymaker in MLB, NBA, NFL

How’s it going out there in the social network world! I know I mostly have my blogs up around on Wednesday, but since it was the 4th of July weekend, I gave myself a couple of days to load up. Also, I couldn’t think of a topic, so I thought of a few topics that caught my attention this week. So here we go

1) MLB all-star voting- The votes came in for the all-star game which is next week. For the A.L, there were 4 Yankees voted in (Cano, Jeter, A-Rod, & Mariano Rivera), but Cano’s going to be the only Yankee representing as A-Rod, Jeter(congrats on 3,000 hits) & Rivera pulled out because of injuries. As for the N.L, for how bad the Dodgers’ situation is, they are going be represented well by Matt Kemp, Andre Eithier, & Clayton Kershaw. Kemp & Kershaw were selected while Eithier was an injury replacement since Shane Victorino went on the 15 day dl. The only thing that caught my attention for the All- stars is C.C. Sabathia getting snubbed. He’s tied w/ Justin Verlander in wins & yet he gets snubbed! C’MON SON!!

2) NBA players thinking overseas- We are already a week past in the lockout & some players, notably Deron Williams have decided to take their talents overseas if the lockout extends longer. Some think he’s doing it to piss off the union, however he’s not going to get paid by the Nets in case he gets injured in Turkey. Melo & Amare were looking into insurance protocal while Kobe’s name has popped up from either playing for China or Turkey. Message to the owners & players: get this lockout over because I can’t last a whole yr w/out basketball

3) Roy Williams- Wow, what a yr for Mr. Williams. It started in training camp when Dez Bryant stiffed you during his rookie yr by refusing to carry your shoulder pads. I love the payback though when you & the veterans stiiffed his ass w/ the high ass dinner bill. Now, your name is back in the news when Brooke Daniels, a former Miss Texas winner that you were dating for a yr, turned down your marriage. I understand a woman turning down a proposal, but she refuse to return the ring, that you mailed her & you want to sue! Eventually, she’s going return back so she wouldn’t want the lawsuit. Advice to Roy: propose to the girl in her face & make sure she says yes!!

That’s my time for this week. Before I bounce, I would say RIP to the sports legends we lost this week: John Mackey, Armon Gilliam, Dick Williams, & a specail one to Shannon Stone. He was the fan that fell out of the stands trying to catch a ball tossed to him by Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers. Sad way to go out. Also, I got a special middle finger for the Florida judicial system for letting Casey Anthony off the hook. This lady isn’t a real mother. One more shoutout, to my girl Adriana Alba Porpiglia, thanks for the trail walk in the Hollywood Hills. Had a great time w/ you, your sis, & daughter. Any replies or opinions, you can leave them @ either my facebook page @ or @



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