It’s NBA draft time!!

Posted: June 23, 2011 by djplaymaker in NBA

Time for the stars of tommorow

Once again, it’s time to talk some basketball. However, it’s gonna be different this time as we review the 2011 NBA draft. In some fans’ eyes, this draft is watered down because of some of the top rated college players were underclassman (i.e Jared Sullinger & Harrison Barnes) & decided to stay in school in fear of a lockout this season. However, they’re a few questions surronding the draft & we’re about to get to them!

Question #1- Who are the Cavs gonna to draft w/ the #1 & #4th pick? The 1st pick is very funny. Some think they are for sure it’s gonna be Kyrie Irving from Duke. However, Derrick Williams (La Mirada stand up) from Arizona has his stock risen up since the NCAA tourney & had another workout w/ the Cavs on Tuesday. What ever Dan Gilbert does w/ those pics must have great results if he still thinks the Cavs can win a title before Lebron & the Heat does. As a kid from Cleveland, I would like to see them get Williams @ 1 because he’s played 2 seasons & Irving didn’t play his whole freshman yr, pretty much being hurt til the tourney start. Now as for the 4th pick, I agree they need a point guard, but go w/ Kemba Walker before Irving. Walker led UConn to a national title, even though that title game vs Butler, both teams couldn’t hit nothing. Walker’s game reminds me of a player who’s guts I hate, but have to respect his game: Rajon Rondo. If you get Williams & Walker, you’ll have your point guard & a small forward who’s game will make the fans forget about Lebron.

Question #2- What to do w/ the 2nd pick if you were the Minnesota Timberwolves? The T- Wolves can’t get a point guard because Rubio decided to come & play w/ the big boys now. Kevin Love had a career yr last yr, but he needs some help. They’re hoping that Williams will be able @ 2 because, if not , some teams are dangling talent in front of them for that pick. I’ve heard the Lakers being mentioned as far as giving up either Gasol or Bynum for the #2 & Michael Beasley. We’ll find out tommorrow what’ll they do.

Question #3- What’s w/ these trade rumors? In the last couple days, I’ve heard Steve Nash & Tony Parker’s names in trade rumors. I know some teams are just dealing to cut some costs off their books while in the case of Tony Parker, some do it because of their age & they’re moving on w/ the future of the team, Like the saying goes: it’s a business.

I have more questions to ask, but I rather see how the draft does tommorow & also what’s in store when the collective bargainning agreement ends next week. However, that’s my time for this week. Catch you guys next week. Any replies or comments, you can leave them @ neitherworldradio, Also, you can leave them on my facebook page @



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