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Bobo Meets Rhettmatic @ STRICTLY SOCIAL

Playmaker and I went out to The Little Temple Bar last night to check out “Bobo Meets Rhettmatic”. They blessed us with a fusion of turntablism and live procusion play from Eric Bobo (son of the latin jazz legend Willie Bobo) who’s down with Cypress Hill. He brought that raw energy you feel from the power of the drums enhancing the sounds that Dj Rhttmatic (Beatjunkies) was providing. From old skool / True Skool Hip Hop, Funk, & Latin, its a show you have to see live for yourself.

My favorite was when Rhett played Haitian Lady off Willie Bobo’s album Spanish Grease it was cool to see Bobo play his rhythms over his own dads song. They also did a lot of improv and Rhett displaying his skills with the cuts and double times was real ill to see because you hardly hear or see anyone working the tables like that nowadays.

Even though the elements are deeply rooted into Hip Hop, anybody outside of the culture would love and appreciate this live show. So do yourself a favor and check it out! It’s for everybody and anyone who wants to experience music presented in a unique way.

Here’s two still shots of the night. *note: I didn’t want to upload the video we took cause we would rather encourage you to go to the live show and besides Playmaker had the camera and can’t keep the dam camera steady and framed lol… IT’s All Love homie!

Check out their promo vid…..

Bobo Meets Rhettmatic from Bobo Meets Rhettmatic on Vimeo.

Check there official page for more info and downloads….

So who else has made a name as a drummer/percussionist in Hip Hop? Here’s 3 i think of from the top off the head….


Travis Barker

and my favorite Sheila E!!!


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