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Posted: June 14, 2011 by djplaymaker in NBA, THE UNDERDAWGS
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Dirk's & Kidd's joy overshadows Bron's & Wade pain

Man, what an exciting Finals we had this yr!! For 6 games, we saw the Miami Heat & Dallas Mavericks clawing it for each possession, determing who wins or loses to gain momentum in the series. 3 of the 6 games came down to the final possesion. However, at the end of the day, only 1 team came out on top & it was the Mavericks. Yes, I said the Mavericks. Pretty much all of the United States except for Florida (especially the South Beach area) was rooting for Dallas. They were the new “America’s team” & their mission was to take out the villian, which was the Heat.

The Heat made themselves the villias last summer when Lebron James & Chris Bosh joined up w/ Dwayne Wade & formed Voltron. Lebron was the leader & set the tone w/ the famous guarantee of 8 titles (not 5, not 6, not 7) & said they were going do it w/ ease. They started the season off slow, but did enough to have the 2nd best record in the league behind the Chicago Bulls. Their postseason run to the finals was smoewhat easy. It took out Philly in 5, impressed the league by putting out an old Celtics team in 5, & made little work of the Bulls in 5. However, it ran into a Mavericks who hushed up the critics by taking out the Blazers in 6, sweeping the defending champs Lakers in 4 & watch as a young Thunder team make critical mistakes & bowed out in 5.

Now as the season ends, two players had their legacy changed. One of them was Dirk Nowiztki. For years, the media & fans, including myself was saying he’s a great player, but too soft. I got to the point by saying “As long as Dirk’s on the Mavs & Mark Cuban’s running the team, they would never win the title”. Boy, I was wrong & I’ll apologize for that team. Speaking of Cuban, he grew up this postseason as an owner. he realized he had to play the background & let the players get the attention. I love the gesture he did when he let Stern present the trophy to the founding owner Don Carter. Let’s get back on Dirk. He averaged 26 pts, 9.3 reb, & shot an amazing, better yet whopping 98% from the free throw line. He grew a killer instinct this postseason, something that Lebron lost on the way to the finals.

Speaking of baby bron bron, his legacy was tarnished in the finals. I think it was already tarnished before it started when Scottie Pippen made that ridiculious claim that one day Lebron would be better than Michael Jordan. In the words of Ed Lover: C’mon son!! Lebron was nowhere to be found in these finals, especially in the 4th qtr. Legends are born in that qtr & he was hiding like a church mouse, pretty deferring to Wade, who would gotten the series MVP again if they won it. Lebron showed me another side of him w/ the post game conference after the final game w/ his version of telling the media that “I’m rich and you’re not” quote. Like I told my ‘lil sis’ Dez Claiborne, who saw the Lebron bashing on facebook, ‘he made his bed, now he has to lie in it’.

However, there was 1 person I was happy to see finally get a ring: Jason Kidd. 18 yrs he had to wait til he finally got to kiss the Larry O’ Bryan trophy. From winning co rookie of the year w/ Grant Hill in 94, to getting traded to Phoenix, then traded again to New Jersey & taking them to consective finals in 02 & 03, & getting sent back to Dallas for Devin Harris. He done it all & now he can call himself a champ. He’s the closest thing we have to Magic Johnson in a true point guard who rather set his teammates up 1st before looking to score. However, he’s 38 & has 2 more yrs left on his contract. My suggestion for Kidd: retire. Go out on top. J.J Barea & Jason Terry got you. Speaking of the Jet, he backed up his talk & that tattoo on his bicep. He stepped up especially in game 6 when Dirk had 2 early quick fouls & couldn’t buy a basket, Way to go son.

That’s my thoughts on the finals!! Before I bounce, I gotta give a couple shout outs. 1st one goes to my 13 yr old niece Dejah Irving, who’s graduating tommorow for Edwards Jr. High. Congrats & I know your mom & uncle T-Bagz are proud of you. 2 shout outs are to my boys Matt Bittner & Geraldo Mercado aka Rock 1, who’s b-days are today. Rock-1, we’ll be doing the damn thang Saturday @ your party. If you would like to leave feedback, you can leave @ either my facebook page @ or @ Until then, i’m out.

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