A Buckeye Crisis

Posted: June 8, 2011 by djplaymaker in THE UNDERDAWGS
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How did it get so bad for Tressel?

How’s it going out there my social media fans? I know a lot of people are enjoying these finals (who would had thought it would be even @ 2-2). I’m going step away from basketball to speak on something that’s very close to me. As you may know, I’m born in the O-H-I-O & the last few weeks, the pride of collegiete football in the state has took a big bump.

It started on memorial day when Jim Tressel, this generation’s version of Woody Hayes to that university, resigned as head coach after going through like 7 months of hell of allegations of his players, mostly Terrelle Pryor making the program look dirty. Problem was that Tressel knew, but he covered it up & said he was afraid who to turn to. We thougbt it was over when Pryor, along w/ 5 other players, including the coach were going to be suspended the 1st 5 games of the season, but it started to get worst. You had more investigating reports & the media wouldn’t leave it alone. I don’t blame Tressel for resigning. He was in a no win situation & a lot of people were still upset that the NCAA still let Pryor, Posey, Herron, & the other 2 players play in the Sugar Bowl. Plus, the article in last week’s Sports Illustrated was the icing on the cake. It was revealing that he had the same problems @ Youngstown St, where he has a record of 135-57-2 w/ 4 division 1-AA titles. His record @ Ohio St makes him a legend along w/ Woody Hayes: 101-22-0, including 9-1 vs “the school up north” aka Michigan, 8 BCS bowl games in 10 yrs, & from 2002 to 2011, he had 66 players drafted in the NFL.

In my opinion, he shouldn’t be punished. If you want to screw someone, screw the student athletes who dirtied up the school, mostly Pryor. Now Pryor, who was a top quarterback & choose Ohio St over rivals Michigan & Penn St, has gone the Maurice Clarett route. From selling the gold pants & memorbilla for tats to driving 4 SUV’s w/ a suspended license he had since Feburary, he pretty much turned himself into a villian like Clarett. Now, we found out today that he won’t be retuning for his senior yr. Is this how you want your collegiete career to end? We know you went 3-0 vs Michigan & want a national title, but you ended up being greedy & wanted things handed to you instead of paying dues. I wish we still have loyal Buckeyes like Robert Smith, Chris Carter, Chris Spielman, Mike Vrabel, hell even Kirk Herbstreit’s doing his thang on ESPN.

I guess this is what I get for bashing SC’ for the Reggie Bush & forfeiting their ’04 title, along w/ 14 other wins from 2004-2005. If SC & Ohio St can get hit, then any school, whether if it’s a Major or Mid-Major, can get it too.

That’s my time on this post. Shoutouts to Mega 7981, & Screws for holding down their end & make sure you check out their blogs. If you would like to leave feedback, you can leave it @ either my facebook page @ facebook.com/djplaymaker10 or @ neitherworldradio.wordpress.com. Go Mavs, keep the Heat’s back to the wall.


  1. mega7981 says:

    They say the USC is going to be a non factor for 6-7 years. How long do you think it will take for OHIO St. to recover?

  2. djplaymaker says:

    mega, I think it’ll be the same thing for ohio st, unless they do a hell of a job recruting

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