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What Up Fam,

Steven Screws of the Underdawgs gives his take after watching watching the NBA finals game 2 & 3 and states that the Mavs have little hope on winning the series.

Game 4 just ended and the Mavs managed to tie up the series! Do you still think that the Mavs have a chance? Do you agree with Steven or do you think the differ?
Let us know asap!



Topic #1: Steven’s thoughts on the NBA Finals after watching game 2 & 3

Topic #2: Reaction to Donnie Walsh stepping down as Kincks GM

Overtime: Michael Jordan WTF!?!

Opening and closing song: “Authentic” provided by Yaw Geez

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  1. djplaymaker says:

    yo Screws, loving those v-logs. Can’t believe you left Dallas for dead after game 3. As for the knicks’ sitiuation, you’re right: I can see Phil coaching that team & i do believe you about CP3 becoming a Knick. hey, at least if Isaih gets the Pistons’ coaching, he’s ruining that franchise under Dumar’s watch. check out my blog on Tressel, tell me what you think of it

  2. mega7981 says:

    I think Dallas has a chance to win the finals. I have a new respect for Dirk and head coach Rick Carlisle there a scrappy team with a never say die attitude. If the Heat loses all the blame is going to be on Erik Spoelstra fo not being able to coach this team to be dominating force.

    As for the Knicks, I doubt the Zen master will step in.

    Your right about Mj he need cut that soul patch off lol!

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