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Hello, I go by -mega7981 and I am a Transformer junkie…

This weekend I had lots of fun at Botcon 2011 in Pasadena, it’s pretty much a Transformer junkies convention. I hung out with Cat and ran into the awesome film director Patricio Ginelsa of Kid Hero Films who skooled me on the significance of the MASTERPIECE series collections that I overlooked and he shared with me some fun facts on his perspective with his love of Transformers. One of them is that he has the whole Marvel comic collection of Transformers G1 series (cue jealousy lol). He’s had them since he was a kid and that led to him being a fan of the comic book world!


Pat’s a real down to earth guy, funny, very approachable and loves his Transformers as much as I do. I remember watching him work during Bambu’s Crooks and Rooks video and I was one of the drivers following the tandem cars that were filming and before we took off he used Transformers to block and explain the route we were taking lol. I almost didn’t listen cause I was in awww of the transformers he brought lol. I think it was Mirage and Wheel jack I got to look at the BTS Video again. *Correction it was Kup and Rodimus Prime lol

Oh I should mention that it was his Birthday weekend and he managed to go to Botcon, watch X-men, see the Star Wars musical at the Hollywood bowl, celebrate his birthday dinner and end it all watching the 35mm film original animated Transformer movie where Optimus dies, all in one weekend. I think Pat is a robot in disguise because I don’t know how you can have the energy and time to do all that! lol.


You can check out Pat’s work here… (it has a cool letter box layout)

Below are some random pics I took that day…..

The one and only Optimus Prime. I think in the new movie Optimus uses his trailer for wings pretty epic…



Dead center is the MASTERPIECE series of Megatron. Pat explained to me he transforms into a pistol and in robot mode it transforms into an accurate form. Not like the G1 toy you see on the left where he’s all bone legged and has his pistol next to his bong dong lol. Photobucket


Soundwave an all time Hip Hop favorite for obvious reasons, he has one of the coolest names, the coolest voice and is a walkman!Photobucket


It seems like the new generation of Transformer fans love Bumble Bee. I don’t remember him being that popular back in the day, because he always seemed weak and not ass badass as the leaders of both the Autobots and Decpeticons, but his new and improved Camero form with a crazy flip helmet, I can see why he would be todays favorite.



Galvatron about to put a hole in Rodumis. Im cool with that I don’t see him being a top notch leader to replace Optimus lol…



The night before I custom bleached my Levis with both Autobot and Decepticon symbols, I got props from all the other geeks lol….Photobucket



Cat likes her Robots tall holla lol

Cat & Devastator



After walking out of one of the panels we spotted a newly born again christian, Iron Hide spreading the gospel lol…..

“Autobots!, AMEN!”Photobucket

Here is the full album if your interested


I can’t wait till Dark Of The Moon comes out! Decepticons are gonna run havoc on earth this time, to set up the Autobot’s comeback for the next movie.


The Dark of the Moon game comes out real soon.I’m gonna get this game even though I’m really waiting for War For Cybertron 2. I mean movie title games usually suck but since this was created by High Moon Studios they might actually break that stigma!


The game War For Cybertron 2 should be coming out next year 2012 and I’m hoping they don’t mess it up, cause I love the first one, I was even ranked in the #42 once in the team deathmatch multiplayer for the x-box, but I stop playing for a while because it was consuming my life so I had to chill for a bit.

If your an X-Box gamer feel free to add me mega7981 and lets play some Transformer, make sure you have a head set though cause it’s easier to play when teamwork is involved.



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