Posted: June 2, 2011 by mega7981 in NBA

Above is an awesome tribute video to Shaq-FU aka SUPERMAN Shaquille O’Neal that I found on youtube. The only thing that I would have to disagree with is I personally don’t think he had an embarrassing rap career, he’s a lot more flow and presence than a lot of the so called emcees you hear today.



I remember when he fist became a Laker, I couldn’t believe that we actually pulled this deal. At the time the Lakers were full of small forwards and Guards. We had Ceballos, Nick the Quick, Eddie George, and we were far from being contenders in the NBA. Once we inked the deal with Super Man, it felt like nobody was gonna push us around anymore in the paint. He was fun with the media, broke down backboards, and brought the Lakers a 3 pete.

A salute to the big fella. Your definitely a hall of famer to me and Im very thankful for the time you put in with L.A.! Enjoy your time off the court, I’m sure will see you in the media clowning Charles and Kenny in the near future.

This is a cool highlight someone put together on youtube….


This is my favorite Laker moment with Shaq


INFO TAKEN FROM Wikipedia’Neal

O’Neal’s individual accolades include the 1999–2000 MVP award, the 1992–93 NBA Rookie of the Year award, 15 All-Star game selections, three All-Star Game MVP awards, three Finals MVP awards, two scoring titles, 14 All-NBA team selections, and three NBA All-Defensive Team selections. He is one of only three players to win NBA MVP, All-Star game MVP and Finals MVP awards in the same year (2000); the other players are Willis Reed in 1970 and Michael Jordan in 1996 and 1998. He ranks 5th all-time in points scored, 5th in field goals, 12th in rebounds, and 7th in blocks.[3]


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