Big Shaq fu retires (Playmaker’s thoughts)

Posted: June 2, 2011 by djplaymaker in NBA

As we wait for the outcome of game 2 today, I want to take this time honor the MDE. If nobody doesn’t acroynms, that’s the Most Dominant Ever. It goes to Shaquille O’Neal. for 19 yrs, we hadn’t seen a big man dominate the paint w/ force & ferocity. This generation’s answer to Wilt Chamberlain & trust me, the similarties match. From the scoring, rebounding, & defense to the poor free throw shooting percenatage.

When Shaq entered the league in 1992, he was what David Stern needed, since Magic & Bird retire & you needed a person to replace Jordan whenever he decided to hang them up. He went to the finals in his 2nd yr w/ Orlando when he had a supporting cast of Penny Hardaway, Nick Anderson, Horace Grant, & Dennis Scott. True, they lost to an experience Rockets team w/ Olajawon & co, but that was a baby step. He took a big step in 96, when he arrived as the biggest Lakers’ acquisiton since Magic arrived as a 19 yr old rookie. Who would had thought the same time he arrived, a young, 17 yr brash rookie & point guard from Arkansas- Litte Rock by the names of Kobe Bryant & Derek Fisher would join you for the experience. 1st 3 yrs were cool, but just get passed the step, mainly the Utah Jazz(kobe’s airball) & the San Antonio. Don’t forget about the friction about who’s team was it. Lot of things changed in the summer of 1999 when Jerry West went out on left field & hired Phil Jackson.

His 1st yr was the same yr Staples Center opened & it brought some of the magic the Forum had. 67 wins that yr & the amazing postseason (game 7 vs Portland in the conference finals nuff said). It ended w/ the Lakers regaining something they didn’t have since 1988, the Larry O’Brien trophy. It was celebration in the city of Angels, but some fans got out of hand & decided to burned cop cars. Who had a big heart & paid for two of the cars that got burned? Big Shaq!! 2 more titles in L.A. followed & the parades were cracking. Who can forget the 1st time he said “Can You Dig it” in 2000, to performing “It takes 2” when the world saw Mark Madsen make a fool of himself by dancing, & concluded by saying “Los Angeles is the real capital of California”, firing shots at the Sacramento Kings or “Queens” as he liked to call them.

Then, it all ended when he bounced to Miami in ’04. Kobe & him had a whole city divided & for like 2 yrs, Kobe was the scapegoat. Laker nation was angry when he won ring no. 4 w/ Dwayne Wade & Miami in 06 (we called that his gravy train ring). Throughout the Kobe/Shaq feud, Kobe was the bigger man in my opinion, by not saying anything while Shaq was finding ways to discourage him, his character, & the Lakers’ organization. It was sad however that the real reason he squashed the beef was because Bill Russell told him to. He didn’t win anymore rings after, but he laid it in Kobe one more time w/ “tell me how my ass taste” freestyle in ’08. Kobe’s response was epic two years later: got one more than Shaq”. Love him or hate him, he deserved the attention like a diva. With his retirement, the only true center we have is Dwight Howard & if Andrew Bynum & Greg Oden can ever stay healthy, they’ll be in that category.

We’re gonna miss you Big Shaq!!

For my tribute to Big Shaq, I will posted something special. I hope everyone loved out tribute to the Diseal!!


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