New days ahead for Laker Nation

Posted: May 28, 2011 by djplaymaker in NBA

Is he the guy?

After 2 weeks of searching to replace a legend in Phil Jackson, the Los Angeles finally found his sucessore & believe me, it’s a shocker. I bet most of the majority was assuming the man sitting next o the man in Brian Shaw had the position locked down & all he had to do was wait his turn. However, Jim Buss, Mitch Kupchak, & Jerry Buss went out of left field on this choice: Mike Brown. Yes, the same Mike Brown who along w/ Lebron James made the Cavs respectible in the NBA. He learned under Rick Carlise (who’s in the finals, by the way) in Indiana & Gregg Poppovich in San Antonio. His 1st yr as Cavs coach: got Lebron to the postseason for the 1st time & made it to the 2nd round. 2nd yr: took them to the Finals, however was swept by the Spurs. 2009, he won the coach of the yr & his last 2 seasons as Cavs’ coach, 2 60+ win seasons. In my opinion, it’s a 50-50 choice. I’m happy because he’s a good coach & preaches defense, something the Lakers lacked the last 2 yrs, however, the other 50% hates it because I felt B. Shaw was screwed. If he gets a gig, I’ll still be happy. However, this was the perfect job for him. How ironic a couple of weeks ago, I was chopping it up w/ the homie Steve Ojeda (shout out son) about the coaching vacancy when I made a statement saying “hell, I wouldn’t mind having Mike Brown coach the team”. I was saying in a jokingly way. Wow, look what my mouth did. Words of advice for Coach Brown: talk to Kobe all summer because you won’t like when Kobe gets angry.

That’s my thoughts on this situation. An opinions or feedback, you can leave it @ either my facebook page @ or @ the site @ This’ll probably be my last blog til football season (cross my fingers for that). Until then, I’m out.



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