West west y’all

Posted: May 16, 2011 by djplaymaker in NBA

So we have the Western Conference finals set!! After an exciting 7 game series, the Oklahoma City Thunder took another step to be among the elite teams in the nba. From being the underdogs in last yr postseason to winning their 1st 2 playoff rounds for the 1st time since they were in Seattle, they’re making baby steps w/ their young team. Let’s break down the remaining conference finals shall we

Western Conference

3) Dallas vs 4) Oklahoma City- The Mavs had a whole week’s of rest since they swept the Lakers & today they found out who stands in their way for returning to the Finals for the 1st time since the ’06 season. Yes, the Mavericks still have Dirk Nowitzki, a future hall of famer in Jason Kidd, & a notorious scorer off the bench in Jason Terry, however the Thunder are the young guns w/ Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook, plus Jeff Harden (Cerritos High) stepped into his own in the Memphis series & Kendrick Perkins brings them toughness inside as well as Nazr Mohammed. Don’t forget about Nick Collison. Big up to Joaquin Daniels for saying this: It will be a high scoring series for both teams & I agree w/ him. If I had to choose a team to advance, I’ll say the Thunder. I would had liked the Mavericks’ chance if they still had Caron Butler healthy in the postseason because he would gave Durant fits on defense. I say Thunder in 7 games!!

That’s my time!! If you have a prediction or opinion, you can leave them @ my facebook page @ facebook.com/djplaymaker10 or @ neitherworldradio.wordpress.com. See ya when I review the NBA finals!! Peace



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