Represent the East

Posted: May 14, 2011 by djplaymaker in NBA

If there was a word that describes this yr’s playoffs, it would be change. Like Obama’s slogan for his presidential campaign, a change has come. This yr, we have the old guns like the Lakers, Spurs, & Celtics all getting eliminated in either the 1st round or semifinals while the young guns like the Heat & Bulls battle to represen the East while Memphis & Oklahoma City battle to one more to see who faces the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference finals. Indeed, a changing of the guard. Let’s review the Eastern Conference finals shall we.

Eastern Conference

1) Chicago vs 2) Miami- The super team of Wade. Lebron, & Bosh are one series away from reaching their ultimate goal they were reaching for since they were put together last summer. However, one team stands in their way & it’s a Bulls’ team that nobody thought would make it this far. The only major free agent signing they made was Carlos Boozer & he spent most of the season injured while Derrick Rose carried the team & he was rewarded w/ the M.V.P award. Also, props to Tom Thibedu, a Doc Rivers’ disciple who won 62 games in his intial yr coaching & he won coach of the yr. I hope this goes 7 games! Both team have elite superstars, however whoever’s team w/ the better defense & supporting cast is the key to win this series. My choice to win the East: The Bulls (what up to my boy Chris Cavanaugh)! The reason is simple: it’s closer to Cleveland & I just not ready to see Lebron win a ring yet. Chicago in 7 games!!

That’s my time!! If you have any opinions, or if you want to leave your predictions, you can leave them @ either, or @ my facebook page @


  1. Chris Ross says:

    Prior to the playoffs I would have agreed with you and I’m not a big prediction guy but I believe that Miami has the edge over the Bulls. Derrick Rose has been really good this season but as much as people talk about the lack of supporting cast from the Heat I feel that Rose isn’t getting the support he needs either. Boozer and Deng have been inconsistent in the playoffs and their bench lacks that punch. It’s definitely a better bench than the Heat but I don’t think it’s enough to overcome what the Heat have offensively. I’m really stoked for this series. A long and tough series would be so much fun to watch and would be a great prelude to the NBA Championships. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say

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