The Western way

Posted: May 1, 2011 by djplaymaker in zuncategorized

So we have the other semifinals in the Western Conference set & believe me, it’s a surprise. One of the teams was suppose to be here & the other team became the 4th no. 8 seed to knock off the no.1 seed. Let’s break down shall we.
Western Conference

4) Oklahoma City vs 8) Memphis- The Grizzlies are the Cinderallas of this yr’s playoff. Nobody, including me gave them a shot in the series vs the Spurs. However, they were hungry & Zack Randolph & Marc Gasol made the Spurs frontline of Duncan, McDyess, & Blair look old. Mike Conley outplayed Tony Parker & they made things happen. The Thunder on the other hand, only needed 5 games to knock off the Nuggets. In the closeout game, Kevin Durant will his team w/ 41 pts, including 16 in the final qtr. This has the making of a 7 game series since both teams are young, hungry, & the winner of the series may have to face the Lakers in the conference finals. If I had to choose a winner to advance, it would be the Thunder, since they made those moves to get Kendrick Perkins & Nazr Mohammed. However, a thought popped in my mind: If Rudy Gay was healthy, could the Grizzlies had knocked out the Thunder? Just asking

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