more 2nd round love

Posted: April 29, 2011 by djplaymaker in NBA

What’s going out there in the social network!! Last night, I broke down the Celtics/Heat match-up in the 2nd round. Tonight, we got 2 more 2nd round series to preview. 2 of these teams that made it weren’t suppose to advance in my book, but like Chris Berman would say: That’s why they play the game. Let’s preview shall we!!

Eastern Conference 2nd round

1) Chicago vs 5) Atlanta- The Bulls advance after taking the pesky Pacers in 5 games. The MVP Derrick Rose had a finger in every way along w/ Luol Deng & supporting cast help in Kyle Korver & co. The Hawks surprised everyone by upseting the Orlando Magic in 6 games. Dwight Howard was in beast mode, but he couldn’t get any help whether if it was Jameer Nelson, Jason Richardson, or Turkelogu. The Hawks were lead by a team effort & Jamal Crawford was in beast mode. I guess losing the 6th man award to Lamar Odom was fuel for his motivation. This will be an exciting series, but I think the Bulls will have that extra firepower to advance in the conference finals. Memo to Carlos Boozer: step your game up. They will defintely need you in this series to match-up against Smith, Horford, Pachulla, & Collins. Bulls in 6 (to my homie Chris Cavanaugh, I know you said 5 games, but something bout the Hawks tells me they’re taking you to 6 games because they’ll win 2 games @ Phillips Arena, but Chicago will hold down homecourt.

Western Conference

2) L.A. Lakers vs 3) Dallas- The Lakers finally put the Hornets to bed tonight. Kobe was being Kobe, but the M.V.P. of the 1st round is got to be Andrew Bynum!! He was healthy heading into the playoffs for the 1st time & he used his size to average 14 & 10 in the series!! Another Laker who was stepping was Ron Artest & I think Gasol is showing signs of snapping out of his slump. The Mavs had a tough 6 game series w/ the Blazers!! Dirk led them to close them out. If only the Mavs had Caron Butler in this series because he would have the assignment of guarding Kobe!! My prediction is I want to say Lakers in 5, but something tells me 6 games!! As long as Dirk’s a Mav & Cuban owns the Mavs I don’t see them winning a title!!

That’s it for tonight!! Tommorow, we’ll probably find out if the Grizzlies can send the Spurs out in the woodshed! If you have a prediction for any of the 2nd round series, you can leave them on my page @ or @ Peace



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