the real Eastern conference finals!!

Posted: April 28, 2011 by djplaymaker in NBA

What’s good everyone! Playmaker here in da building. So far, I hope everyone is enjoying the postseason. We had excitement, some memorable game performances & some series that shouldn’t last this long (Lakers/Hornets anyone). However, we got a 2nd round match-up to preview & oh boy, it doesn’t get no better!! Let’s talk about it

Eastern Conference

2) Miami vs 3) Boston- The Celtics are coming off an impressive sweep of the Knicks, thanks to their championship experience & the lack of the Knicks pg when Chauncey Billups pulled up lame in game 1. Every game, there was a different leader scorer for Boston. Game 1 was Ray Allen, Rondo in game 2, Pierce in game 3, & Garnett in the clincher. The Heat had to go 5 games w/ Philly, but 3 of them was tough. This will be a test of toughness for the big 3 as they face a legitimate threat in their way for a championship. The Celtics won the season series 3-1, but things have changed since Perkins isn’t in Boston anymore. Believe or not, Jermaine O’neal has been a factor for the Celtics. If they could get a healthy or at 70% Shaq in their rotation, I like their chances. This is a toss-up for me, since I hate both teams. However, if I have to choose a winner, I’ll say the Celtics in 6 games. The reason: the Core 4 (Pierce, Allen, Garnett, & Rondo) kow what it takes to reach that level while the Heat don’t know to close out close games as their 6-13 record in games decided by 6 or less showed us and Lebron had has Cavs’ career ended by these same Celtics last yr!!

That’s my breakdown of that series. If you have an opinion or would like to leave your predictions, you can leave them @ my facebook page @ or Peace ya!!



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