Another revenge game!!

Posted: March 9, 2011 by djplaymaker in NBA

Once again, it’s on!! We have another “revenge game” on our hands this week & your boy Playmaker wants to speak on it. By the way, how’s my NBA fans doing? Ever since the all-star break, only 1 team has been undefeated so far & it’s the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers. Once left for dead early in the season, they have came out like gangbusters! The defense has stepped & believe or not, Andrew Bynum’s making a difference during this streak, averaging 12.1 rebs a game. Now, they are about to take their talents to South Beach & look for payback on a Miami Heat who embarassed them @ the Staples Ctr on X-mas day. However, a funny thing has happened to the paper champs after the break. They’ve lost 4 straight games, 6 out the last 7 games & are 5-13 in games decided by 5 pts or less. In the Chicago loss, it was reported by Spolestra that some of the players were in tears in the locker room after the loss. Now, in my opinion, he’s lost that team’s respect & only a championship could earn that back. It’s gottenn so bad that media outlets like ESPN bring up stories like “Riley should can Spoley & take over the reigns”. Trust me, if Riley wants to coach, he would had took over when they started 10-8 & the last time he did that, it was in ’06 when he fired SVG & took them to a championship.

What we have now is a tale of two teams. The Lakers see that the playoffs are coming & are looking to finish strong & build momentum while the Heat are just not finishing games. The champs have the experience to get to that finsih line while the Heat think that since Wade, Lebron, & Bosh formed the new trio, it would be easy to called themselves a “championship team”. Trust me, it’s not that easy. Matter of fact, the way they are playing, if the playoffs started today, they’ll be the 3rd seed & will be facing the Knicks, who are the 6th seed & have split the season series with @ 2-2. Plus, they are 0-3 vs the Celtics & Bulls, who may be the biggest threat to the Celtics representing the east in the Finals.

My prediction for the game on thursday: Lakers continue the hot streak, the bigs will overpower the Heat big & the champs will get the payback. Lake Show by 6. Let’s keep playing the “blame game” like Kanye would.

That’s my time for this post. Before I bounce, good luck to Ohio St, UCLA, St. John’s & North Carolina in their conference tourneys. Any replies or opinions, you can leave them on the site @ or @ my facebook page @ Peace!!



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