Winners & losers

Posted: February 26, 2011 by djplaymaker in NBA

What’s going on my NBA heads! Playmaker here with his thought of the trading deadline that just past. Some teams improved for now & the future while some contenders stood pat, thinking they feel they have the right chemistry to contend for a title. Here are some my thoughts on the trading deadline.

The winners: Obviously, the Knicks & Thunder have to be up there in this category! The Knicks got their guy in Carmelo Anthony to complement Amare, but the wild card in this trade is Chauncey Billups. He’s have that experience factor in the postseason, winning Finals MVP in ’04 w/ the Pistons & also leading the Nuggets along w/ Melo to the Western Conference finals two years ago. No disrespect to Raymond Felton, who was having a great yr & Gallanari, who’s a young talent, but the Knicks were in the 6th seed in the East & they were looking to keep their hope alive. The Thunder came up & got stronger like Kanye West would say. 1st, they acquired Kendrick Perkins & Nate Robinson from the Celtics in exchange for Jeff Green & Nenard Krstic. Then, they acquire more size by getting Nazr Mohammad from the Bobcats. Now, they can compete w/ both the Lakers & Spurs in the West.

The Losers: If I had to choose a loser, it would be the Boston Celtics. They & the Heat are competing for homecourt advantage in the East & they gave up size & a decent backup point guard in Nate & Kendrick. Some may say that w/ Perkins becoming a free agent next yr & he turning down the Celtics contract extension offer, they couldn’t bring him back. Plus, they thought they could beat Orlando, Miami, & the Lakers w/ out him. As for Nate leaving, I feel sorry for Rondo because now he has to play 45+ mins for the remainder of the season & playoffs. I know he’s young, but that’s going to tire him out. I won’t put the Nuggets up here in this category because I think they’ll give either the Spurs or Mavs a run in the playoffs w/ their run & gun style. I want to put the Bobcats up here because they traded both Gerald Wallace & Mohammad, but I think Jordan knows what he’s doing.

My surprises: Not only Boston trading Perkins surprised me, but the Jazz trading Deron Williams to the Nets shocked me. I had a feeling he would be gone, knowing some people blamed him for Jerry Sloan resigning, but not this yr. He was going to be a free agent next yr & reports were saying that he wasn’t going to sign an extension. Like they say, they come in 3’s. 1st, they lose Carlos Boozer to the Bulls via free agency, then Sloan resigned, now Williams’ gone. The Nets got a superstar player to fill seats & add a buzz to them when they move to Brooklyn. Hawks shipping Bibby to D.C for Hinrich was another shocker. Hawks got another scorer in the backcourt, but they still need another frontcourt player in my opinion to complement Horford & Smith. By the way, how did you enjoy your homecoming Baron? Enjoy the cold weather in Cleveland. Saturday, you was helping Blake Griffin win the dunk contest & now you’re leaving one bad team w/ potential to the worst team in the league. Just don’t piss off Byron Scott.

That’s my thoughts on the trading deadline. Before I bounce, gotta give b-day shout outs to Mega 7981 & my “musical soulmate” DJ Maxie Luna. Any replies or comments for this post, you can leave it at either, or @ my facebook page @ Peace

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