All star break status!!!

Posted: February 19, 2011 by djplaymaker in NBA

I’m hoping everyone is enjoying this soaking & wet weekend out here in La La land.. We’ve reached the all-star break in the NBA & we got everything your average NBA fans love: great performances, trade rumors, & dominant teams. However, as the 2nd half picks up on Tuesday, we or better yet, me have some interesting questions & we want some answers. Some of these questions are

What’s wrong w/ the defending champs- Out here in Los Angeles, the fans are expecting the perfect story book ending: Phil Jackson, in his final season as a NBA coach, looking for his 4th 3-peat, Kobe getting ring no. 6 to match Jordan & the Lakers tying the Celtics w/ 17 championships in franchise history. It started to look good, but suddenly, this team doesn’t look like they are interested in the regular season. Some may say age, but they have played over 100+ games the last 3 seasons, including playoffs. I don’t want to bring up that 2-7 record vs the NBA’s elite. They probably won’t be the top seed in the West since the Spurs are playing great ball, but remember this Lakers fans- in Phil’s 1st 3-peat, the 2002 team was the 3rd seed in the West & still won it all. They’ll be ok. They’ve been there & done that. They know what to do in winning time.

Where is Melo going- When Lebron, Wade, & Bosh decided to make Voltron in South Beach, there was only one big name in the free agent market for 2011: Carmelo Anthony. He was trade rumors since this past offseason. He’s holding the Nuggets front office hostage by not signing the 3 yr/$65 mill extension. They have been some teams in talks of acquiring him, but only two teams come in mind. They are the New Jersey Nets & the New York Knicks. The Knicks have brought excitement back to the city when they signed Amare Stoudamire & they are in the tick of the eastern conference playoff race. The Nets are just looking for a name to fill seats in Newark til they move to Brooklyn in 2 yrs. We had reports already saying He’s going to Jersey pending he signs the physical, but the Knicks aren’t going away quietly. I think the Knicks don’t want to gut their roster to pick up Melo, but stars like Melo come a dime a dozen. If I was Melo. I’ll go to the Knicks because you’ll take the pressure off Amare & they need that one guy to take their defender off the dribble.

Who’s the top dog in the East- Before the season, everyone was saying the Heat would replace the Celtics as the top dog in the East. However, somebody done told them wrong. The Heat had a slow start w/chemistry & it was so bad that they were already calling for Riley to “Van Gundy” Spolestra & take over the team. While the Heat had that slow start, the Celtics were just handling business. Even w/ injuries to Garnett, Marquis Daniels, Delonte West, & Jermaine O’neal, they are still finding ways to win. Now they are in a dog fight w/ the Heat, Bulls & Orlando for the top position. It’s going be a barn burner in the conference, but when the smokes clears, I think Boston will reign supreme in the East.

I only have 3 questions to ask so far. I have more, but I’ll wait til the postseason. Plus, one of the questions would had been on the collective bargaining agreement & would the summer would had been locked out. Anyway, keep enjoying the blogs & any replies, you can leave them on the site @ or @ my facebook page @ Peace!!



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