Rivalry renewed pt.2 & Melo rumor

Posted: February 11, 2011 by djplaymaker in NBA

Are you ready for round 2!!! I know I am. This is your boy Playmaker here to review round 2 of the greatest rivalry in NBA history. The 1st match-up, the Celtics put it on the champs w/ a dominant 4th qtr. Kobe had 40 pts, but no help besides Lamar Odom. For the Celtics, Paul Pierce was on one w/ 30+ pts. Only bright moment & memory from the game was Garnett being scratched on the head by Gasol, which required I think like 8 stitches. Now for this rematch, the Lake Show had a little distraction I would like to discuss. As most people have been hearing the last 2 days, there are rumors about Carmelo Anthony coming to the Lakers for Andrew Bynum straight up.For Laker nation, that would be a steal, but in reality a scare tactic. Besides, the NBA still is mad @ them for raping Memphis by acquiring Pau Gasol. Since Gasol, the Lakers have been in the last 3 NBA finals, winning the last 2 titles. Don’t get me wrong, Melo’s a great player, but if we acquire, would he resign the following season & which small forward would have to go between Artest & Matt Barnes. In case you forgot, the Lakers still have Barnes & Ratliff on injured reserve. This team, when healthy, can matchup w/ anybody & that includes the Celtics, Heat, & Spurs. Another thing bout the rumor trade, you don’t trade big for small & especially within the conference. That can always back fire on your ass. In order for the Lakers to win the rematch on Thursday, they need to control the paint, be physical w/ the bigs on boston & Kobe must rely or better yet trust his teammates to knock down the shots when he passes them the ball. Remember, last yr, both teams split the head to head series, both road teams won both contests.

That’s my time people. Before I go, props to Aaron Rodgers & the Packers for squashing the dreams of trophy #7 for the “black & yellow”. Catch ya when I do a midseason review of the NBA or the preview of Dodgers & Angels basesball.



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