SUPER BOWL XLV-It’s super bowl time!!!

Posted: February 4, 2011 by djplaymaker in NFL

Now it comes down to 2 teams. From early August til this point, 32 NFL teams practiced, clawed, & worked it’s way to reach the point in which they are one game away from calling themselves champions. This year’s super Bowl adds tradition to this both teams have won more than one Lombardi trophy. W/ all that said, let’s break down the game shall we.


Pittsburgh vs Green Bay- Both teams enter this game looking to add another Lombardi trophy, 7 for the Steelers & no.4 for the Packers. Aaron Rodgers wants to put his name along Bart Starr & Brett Favre as quarterbacks in the Packers’ team history to win the Super bowl while Ben Roethesberger is looking for his 3rd ring & be one ring away from tying Terry Bradshaw, plus putting some criticism to sleep about his off the field distractions from the previous off-season. Both teams have great offenses & great defenses. Troy Polamalu won defensive player of the year, but in my opinion, Clay Matthews Jr. should had won it. The Packers are the 6th seed, meaning they had to win 3 road playoff games to reach this point while the Steelers were the no.2 seed in the AFC.. Last time I check the spread, the Steelers were 5 pt favorites. I wonder will it drop if Yancey doesn’t play in that game. I hope this game will be exciting like the last 3 super bowls we had. My prediction: Packers down by 5, Rodgers leads a 2 min drill, finds James Jones in the corner ala Santonio Holmes for the game winning touchdown. Packers 30 Steelers28. Rodgers wins MVP

That’s my time. Before I ended this blog, props to Magic Johnson, Tim Lieweinke, & AEG for getting the naming rights for Farmers’ Field in Los Angeles. Small, but big step for football returning in Los Angeles.



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