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Always remembered, never forgotten!

>>>>insert pic

My crew and I first heard of him as Jay-Dee, and no no not Jermaine Dupree lol. His name always came up in the production credits when reading it on a album or cassette cover, like The Pharcydes second album Labcabin, DeLa’s Steaks is High, Erykah Badus “Mamma’s Gun, Common’s Like Water for Chocolate album, etc..

When Slum Village came out, oooweee insert thizz face. I was fortunate to shoot a grip concert video footage of Slum Village during the Good Vibe days. My boy Nathan had permission to hang with them on tour and he’d bring me along to help when any Good Vibe artist played in California. It was a cool experience I got to meet a lot of cool artist and people including Baatin (R.I.P.). They were always humble and down to earth and they all gave me proper dap and signed my J-88 record. I would have never guess they had internal issues. I was such a fanboy that day trying to play it cool lol.

>>>>>insert vinyl pic

Anyway back to my Dilla story………
So Nathan needs to borrow my Cannon Xl1 (which use to be the dope camera back in the day) to shoot a Slum Village show and he could only get 1 media pass, so I was left out. So in exchange to borrow my camera I told him to hook me up with his 2 vinyl copies of white label test presses of “Fall In love” that he said he got from Dilla himself. It had the remix on the b-side and the instrumentals for both versions. Till this day it’s one of my favorite records. I think it was an easy deal for my homie Nathan cause Im sure he felt he could always get more copies since he was always filming them for his documentary. Either way I came up big and never expected for Dilla to pass away, and as a fan my jaw dropped and couldn’t believe it and knew HipHop/Rap music lost a big part of it’s soul and that part can never be replaced.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>insert vinyl pic

Well here’s Stussy’s documentary which gathers everyone close to Dilla, sharing stories on the latter part of his career. I found it on youtube today, so if you haven’t seen it, get your pop corn ready. If you don’t know who Dilla is and you like Hip Hop music….awww man stop jacking off to your Drake poster and smack yourself in the face and act like you know!







  1. .Noez! says:

    Dope Doc!!!

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