NFL Final WEEK 2010

Posted: January 2, 2011 by djplaymaker in NFL

What’s good America! It’s finally here. After 16 weeks of hard work, the final game of the 2010/2011 NFL regular season is here. The real season starts next week w/ the playoffs. Usually, all the games are meaningless since some teams who clinched their positions in the playoffs rest players while the rest of the squanders play for pride. This week, only 8 teams are playing for real, either for better position or clinching a final spot in the postseason. Let’s get to it people.


Miami vs New England- Both team have nothing to play for. The Pats are clinched homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, so expect Belechik to rest his starters (he better because he doesn’t need another Wes Welker injury again). The Dolphins are just playing for pride & also to save Sporanio’s job. I see the Dolphins winning by 14.

Buffalo vs N.Y. Jets- The Jets end the season @ home knowing they are already in the playoffs, so they expect to play their starters a little so they can be prepared for the wild card game the following week. The Bills are just playing for pride. Jets need to win to carry momentum heading into wild card weekend. I see the Jets winning by 3.

Cincinnati vs Baltimore- The Bengals are playing for pride after a dismal season promised on hope & hype. The Ravens are already in the postseason, but can still win the division w/ a win & a Steelers loss. I wonder how long will Harbaugh keep the starters in. I see a Ravens win by 7 to carry momentum into the postseason.

Oakland vs Kansas City- The Chiefs have already clinched the AFC west while the Raiders aree looking to finish the season w/ a .500 record. It’s a rivalry game & both teams don’t like each other. I see the Raiders winning a close game here, ending the hope of an undefeated season @ Arrowhead for the Chiefs.

Pittsburgh vs Cleveland- The Steelers can clinch the divison w/ a win while my Brownies are just playing the season out. Last time the Steelers were in Cleveland, they lost on a cold Thursday night 13-9. I want to see that magic happen again, just to give Browns fans like myself hope for next yr. Plus beating the black & yellow would put a smile on my face. Orange & Brown by 3 (sorry Crystal)

Minnesota vs Detroit- Both teams playing the season out, but I’m pissed @ Leslie Frazier for saying if Favre’s healthy, he’s starting. Why play him knowing he’s retiring? Let Joe Web get the reps. Favre doesn’t want his lasting image in the NFL being suffering a concussion on Monday Night football vs the Bears & also being fined $50K for “failure to coopereate” in the Jen Sterger investigation. My boy Rob Hernandez(what up homie) big time Vikings fan will be echoing the same sentiments. Anyway, in the words of my boy Omni Chang: Go Lions!!! I know Webb played a hell of a game to beat the Eagles (Vick was hurting that game), but I like the Lions never say die attitude. Lions by a touchdown.

Tampa Bay vs New Orleans- It’s a big game for both NFC South teams. Tampa needs a win & both the Giants & Packers to lose to clinch the final wild card spot in the NFC while the Saints can still clinch the division w/ a win & a Falcons loss. No one expected the Bucaneers to beat competive this yr. The Saints are hoping for another repeat after starting slow in the regular season. Either way, whether as divisional champ or wild card team, don’t count the Saints out. I see the Saints winning by 10.

Carolina vs Atlanta- The Falcons get another opportunity to clinch the division as well as homefield throughout the playoffs w/ a win. The Panthers are playing for pride & also to send John Fox out w/ a win in his final game as Panthers coach. Sorry Johnny, not gonna happen. The Falcons have worked so hard & they thought if they won last week vs the Saints, they would had homefield clinched & this game would be meaningless. They want to win now. Falcons by 10.

Jacksonville vs Houston- The Jags are playing for their postseason lives this week. They have to win the division to make the postseason. It’s gonna be hard to win it w/ Garrard not playing & Maurice Jones Drew injured. They had two oppurtunities to do it, but blew it by losing to the Colts (understandiable) & Redskins (not understandiable). The Texans are playing for pride, but want to send the home ans off happy w/ a win. Regardless of win or loss, I think Kubiak lost his job as Texans’ coach. I see the Texans winning by a touchdown.

Dallas vs Philadelphia- The Eagles have already clinched the 3rd seed in the NFC, so Andy Reid decided to rest Vick this week. He deserves the rest after the beating he took from the Vikings on Tuesday night. The Cowboys are playing for pride & also to see if Jason Garret will be their full time coach. I think he will be, but w/ Kolb starting, I still think the Eagles win win this game.

Chicago vs Green Bay- Both teams have aspirations. The Bears have already clinched the no. 2 seed in the NFC, but can move up to no.1 w/ a win & the Saints & Falcons both losing. The Packers’ motivation for this week is just plain & simple: win and they are in. I wonder if Lovie’s gonna rest his players, knowing this is a rivalry game. I know the Packers want to even the head to head series. I see the Packers winning this game to make the postseason & plus they are @ home in the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.

Arizona vs San Francisco- Both teams had hope for the season, especially the 49ers. They were the sexy pick to win the NFC west, but a slow start derailed that plans. The Cards were just hoping that they would had a decent record since Kurt Warner retired & Winneshurst didn’t feel Leinart was the one (how’s that Derek Anderson experiment work out for ya?). For the 49ers, I felt bad for Singletary. I knew he was gonna get the axe if they didn’t make the postseason, but why fire him before the final game of the season? I hope York knows what he did. Anyeays, 49ers by 3 to have a winning record in the division.

San Diego vs Denver- The Chargers will finish w/ a winning record, but it will feel weird not seeing them in the playoffs. The Broncos are just playing the season out & to see if Tebow’s the guy of the future for them. I think he is. Now they just need a coach. I can see Kubiak returning to Denver as their coach or maybe a Gator reunion w/ Urban Meyer coaching Tebow. Anyway, the Chargers winning by 14.

N.Y. Giants vs Washington- The Giants will need help from the Bears this week. The Giants have to win & hope the Packers lose to clinch the final spot in the NFC playoffs. The Redskins are just playing the season w/ sexy Rex Grossman starting. Don’t get me started w/ the Donavan McNabb situation. BTW, proud of him for asking for a trade. Shanahan disrespected him badly this yr. Divisional battle here, but the Giants by 10.

Tennesse vs Indianapolis- The Colts’ game plan is simple: win & they are the AFC South champs. The Titans are just hoping to end this season w/ a win, because they won’t know if Jeff Fisher, Vince Young, or both of them will be back next season. I say Colts by 10

St. Louis vs Seattle- The NFC West is on the line in this game. The winner will be the 1st team w/ a non .500 record to make the postseason. The Seahwaks won’t have Matt Hasselback behind center to start this game. I love Sam Bradford’s moxy w/ that Rams’ team. For my boy jasson Ross aka Butta, Rams by a field goal. I can see them going into hostile territory & winning that game.

I hoped everyone had a safe New Year’s and also hoped whatever resolutions you make, be sure you keep them. Next time you’ll hear from me, we’ll be talking bout the Playoffs!!! Happy belated b-day shoutout to my girl Monica Silva aka Monitone!! I’m out



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