NFL “Sweet 16” 2010

Posted: December 22, 2010 by djplaymaker in NFL

What’s poppin America!! Last week, we saw the Miracle @ the Meadowlands pt 2, the Lions snapping a 22 game road losing streak, the Packers brainfarted on the final play of the game, Favre getting knocked out the game & Devin Hester entering the record books. I wonder what week 16 has for us. Only 2 weeks left for the season & the Bears are the 1st team to clinch a division title. Time to break down the games.


Carolina vs Pittsburgh- The Black & Yellow will try to regroup after that devasting home loss to the Jets on Thursday night football. The Panthers are happy that they beat the Cardinals last week. The status of Troy Polamalu is uncertain for this game. He makes the defense click. However, they still can win this game w/ out as long they have Harrison & the offense clicking on cylinders. Black & yellow by 17.


Dallas vs Arizona- The NFL network decided to give us the Cardinals & Cowboys on Christmas to compete w/ the NBA. Both teams aren’t going to the playoffs, plus Tony Romo is walking out on that field since the Cowboys shut him down for the rest of the season. Someone has to win this game like I said last week for the Panthers/Cards. I got to say the Cowboys because Garett has them playing well since they fire Wade. Cowboys by 10 & a merry x-mas to my Carolina girl & Cowboy fan Leticia Robinson.


N.Y Jets vs Chicago- The Jets head to Chi-town hoping to carry momentum after their win against the Steelers to a win vs the Bears. Last night, the Bears clinch their division, probably put Favre into early retirement & Devin Hester enter the record books w/ his 14th td on special teams(punt return & kick return combined), surpassing Brian Mitchell. The Bears control their destiny to keep the no.2 seed in the NFC over Philly since they beat them head to head. It’s going be a defensive battle, but I see the Bears winning this one by a field goal.

New England vs Buffalo- The Pats had a scare @ home on Sunday night vs the Packers, who had no Aaron Rodgers, but still came out w/ the win. The Bills went into South Beach & eeked out a win vs the Dolphins. The Pats still haven’t lost since that game in Cleveland & they control their destiny to having homefield advantage in the AFC playoffs while the Bills are just playing for pride. Pats by 10.

Tennessee vs Kansas City- The Chiefs are lucky that they finish the season w/ 2 home game & they are still undefeated @ home. They get a Titans team who snapped a 6 game losing streak w/ their win last week vs the Texans. Cassel’s return was great for them & Jamal Charles’ grinding out the yds vs the Rams helped them win the battle of Missouri. I see this will be a close game or maybe a trap game for the Chiefs, since they have the Raiders to close out the season. Something’s telling me that the Titans may shocked the world & win in Arrowhead. Titans by a Bironas field goal.

Washington vs Jacksonville- Before I start talking bout this game, I would like to say f&8k you to Coach Mike Shanahn. He pretty much tarnished McNabb by benching him & McNabb fired back by saying he’s never been disrespected like this before in his career. Good for you Donovan!! Donovan McNabb’s the ultimate pro. He’s always took the high road, even in Philly. Now, he can count down to 2 more games til his Redskins’ career ends. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Minnesota. As for the Skins, they almost beat the Cowboys w/ Rex Grossman last week while the Jags blew a chance to clinch the AFC south by losing to the Colts @ Indy last week. They won’t blow this chance this week. Jags by 10.

Detroit vs Miami- The Lions are hoping to make it 2 road wins in a row when they take their talents to south Beach to face the Dolphins. The Dolphins lost a close game vs the Bills last week @ home. Both teams are playing out the string. Someone has to win this game. I think the Lions can make it 2 ina row because Scwartz has them believing in themselves. Lions by a field goal.

San Francisco vs St Louis- The 49ers were embarrassed on Thursday by the Chargers, but yet are still in the race for the NFC west because all of the teams in their division lost & the division is pathetic. The Rams couldn’t even beat the Chiefs @ home. Singletary doesn’t know who’s gonna start @ qb for this game. I know one thing: whoever wins this division won’t have a winning record heading into the postseason. I like the 49ers’ chances since they haven’t lost in the division yet. 49ers by 7. What up to Joesph(happy belated b-day), Ben (same thing for you), Theresa, & Marco.

Baltimore vs Cleveland- My Browns blew their chances to finish @ .500 when they lost to 2 of the worst teams in the NFL in consective weeks. How do you lost to the Bengals, who only had 2 wins heading into this game. Those losses probably cost Mangini his job after the season. The Ravens on the other hand, survived a 6 pt win vs the Saints @ home. Ravens are tied w/ Pitts atop AFC north, but the Steelers own the tiebreaker because of better record in the divisional battles. Browns are playing spoilers for the final 2 games. I would like to end the season w/ 2 wins @ home vs our bitter rivals. Browns by a field goal

Houston vs Denver- The Broncos ae looking to give Tebow his 1st professional win this week as they face the Texans. Tebow (even though I hate his guts) looked impressive vs the Raiders last week, but still got the loss. The Texans were just embarrassed by the Titans last week. I guess they can countdown the games til Kubiak’s canned in Houston, so he can take over the Broncos when the season ends. Someone has to win this game. I guess the Broncos will pull this one off since they are @ home.

Indianapolis vs Oaklnad- The Colts head into the Black hole, hoping to carry momentum after their win vs the Jags last week. The Raiders dominated a Broncos team to even their record @ 7-7. The Raiders have a longshot to make the postseason, but it ’ll look nice for Cable to end the season w/ a winning record. The Colts are also on the outside looking in for the wild card. I’m gonna out on a limb & saying that RAIDER NATION will pull off the upset. Too much McFadden . What up Mega!!!!

San Diego vs Cincinatti – The Chargers might have a trap game on their hands this week in Cincy after whipping the 49ers last week @ home. The Bengals last week snapped their 10 game losing streak when they defeated the Browns last week. The Chargers are still chasing the Chiefs in the AFC west & just need one Chief slip up to win the division. I think the Chiefs slip up will be either this week or next week vs the Raiders. The Chargers will win this game by 14.

Seattle vs Tampa Bay- The Bucs blew their playoff chances last week w/ that loss @ home vs the Lions while the Seahawks were punked @ home by the Falcons. Even though the Seahawks lost, they’re still in that pathetic race we call the NFC west. Carroll says Hasselback’s starting this game, even though he benched him. It doesn’t matter because Raheem Morris will out coach Pete Caroll & the Bucs should win this game by a field goal.

N.Y. Giants vs Green Bay- Will Aaron Rodgers play this game? That’s the question coming out of Green Bay as the Packers are still in the hunt for a wild card berth. Matt Flynn played a hell of a game last week, but pulled a brain fart on that final possession of the game. The Giants are still wondering why they kicked it to Deseasn Jackson w/ 14 secs remaining in the game. Talk about a heartbreaking loss. Both teams hoping to making the playoffs & one team knows one loss knocks them out. I think the Giants control that destiny. If Rodgers returns, I like the Packers. If not, I see the Giants winning @ Lambeau in a close game.

Minnesota vs Philadelphia- A week after the Miracle @ the Meadowlands pt. 2, the Eagles returned home to face a broken down Vikings team, who lost last night @ home vs the Bears & Favre probably played his final game ever. Joe Webb looks good, but he reminds me of Jason Campbell during his early years in D.C. the Eagles are still chasin the Bears for that no.2 seed in the NFC. I know the Bears already beat them earlier this yr, but the rematch will be crazy in the postseason. I like the Eagles to win this game & close out the season by winning the division vs the Cowboys. Vick for MVP, nuff said!!!


New Orleans vs Atlanta- The game of the week in my opinion. The Falcons can clinch the division by beating them. Atlanta handled their business last week in Seattle while the Saints lost vs the Ravens in Baltimore. Game’s in the Georgia Dome & Matty Ice hardly ever loses @ home. It’ll be close, bur Atlanta’s coming into this game red hot. Falcons by 7.

That’s it for this week. I hope everyone have a wonderful & safe merry x-mas weekend. Go Lakers also by the way as they lay the smackdown on the paper champs’ candy asses!! I’m out. Peace



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