NFL “Quincenera” week (#15) 2010

Posted: December 16, 2010 by djplaymaker in NFL

What’s going down my NFL fans! We have only 3 more weeks left in this season & we already have one team clinch a playoff berth in the New England Patroits. Last week, we also saw Brett Favre’s consective streak snapped at 297, a Jets trainer being suspended for sticking his knee on a Dolphins player & the Metrodome being caved in, forcing the Vikings to play on Monday night & @ Ford Field in Detroit. I wonder what this week will have for us. Let’s break down the games shall we.


San Francisco vs San Diego- The 49ers head down to San Diego to face the Chargers in this week’s Thursday night game. Last week, the 49ers, w/ Alex Smith back @ qb, exploded for 40 pts on the Seahawks while the Chargers shut out the Chiefs @ home. Both teams are still in the race for their respective divisions. It’s a big game for both teams. I see the Chargerrs winning a close game. Chargers by a touchdown.


Cleveland vs Cincinnati- The battle of Ohio concludes in the Natti’ for round 2. The Browns won round 1 in C-town & are looking to sweep the head to head & redeem themselves from the embarrassing loss in Buffalo. As a Browns fan, I don’t know why they don’t go back to Colt McCoy if he’s healthy enough or Seneca Wallace. Hell, anything’s better than Jake Delhomme, who looks scared out there. The Bengals are hoping to recover from that loss in Pittsburgh & T.O’s already throwing the coaching staff under the bus for the team’s failures this season. Owens saying that means his Bengals career is over after this season. Browns win by a Phil Dawson field goal. It’ll make them 6-8, setting the ultimate x-mas gift for me: beating the Ravens & Steelers in consective weeks to finish @ 8-8.

Washington vs Dallas- Poor Garko, the Redskins placekicker. Last week, you missed two fgs & you got off the hook on the missed extra point to tie the game if the snapper didn’t mess up. The Cowboys, on the other hand, lost a close one vs the Eagles. Both teams are playing out the string of the season, so expect a lot of pride from both team. I like the Cowboys @ home, since the Redskins stole opening week from them thanks to an offensive holding call to end the game. I won’t jinx your team Letty

New Orleans vs Baltimore- Watch out NFC, but the champs are making noise for the postseason. The Saints last week, put the Rams in their misery while the Ravens survived a late comeback from the Texans on Monday to win it in overtime. The Saints are probably do what every team does to the Ravens’ defense: spread them out. That’s their weakness. However, the Ravens offense w/ Flaco, Rice, Mason, Boldin, & co will match wits & keep up w/ Brees & company. However, since this game’s @ the Superdome, expect the Saints to come out victorious. Saints by a touchdown.

Arizona vs Carolina- Both team are out of the posteason race. Last week, the Cardinals scored 40 on the Broncos while the Panthers were just punked by the red hot Falcons, Ain’t no need to say much about this game,but to choose a winner. I guess I’ll pick the Panthers since they are home & I know more about Jimmy Clausen than that rookie qb Shelton on Arizona.

Jacksonville vs Indianapolis- The Jags have a big game on their hands this week as they look in other words to clinch the AFC south from the Colts. They have already beaten them in Jacksonville & the Jags have starting to find ways to win games after takkng a victory away from the Raiders. The Colts got back to their winning ways vs the Titans last week, but it shouldn’t been that close. I’m going out on a limb & say that the Jags sweep the head to head series from the Colts. Pretty much, Jags by a touchdown.

Bufallo vs Miami- The Bills got lucky last week vs my Browns while the Dolphins went into the big apple & upset the Jets,. It’s a divisional battle & the Dolphins, believe it or not, are still in the hunt for the wild card. The Bills are just playing the season. I’ll take the Dolphins by a field goal.

Philadelphia vs N.Y. Giants- The battle for the NFC east heads into the Meadowlamds for round 2. The Eagles won round 1 in Philly, but the Giants made Vick work for every yd, whether it was rushing or passing. The Giants lost another receiver in Steve Smith, to go along w/ Hakeem Nicks. That means Mario Mannigham will be the primary target for Eli or if lucky, let bygone be bygones w/ Plaxico Buress & break him out of jail. However, since I have Vick on my fantasy team, I got to ride w/ the Eagles by a field goal.

Kansas City vs St. Louis- Big question for the battle of the Show Me state: the health of Matt Cassel. He had an emergency surgery because of his appendix bursted & the Chiefs were shut out by the Chargers. Matter of a fact, they offense hasn’t scored a td in 10 quarters I think. The Rams were just put in their place by the Saints last week. If Cassel can’t go this week, then they are in trouble w/ Brodie Croyle under center. However, I like Sam Bradford & company. Rams by 7.

Detroit vs Tampa Bay- The Lions, thanks to an Aaron Rodgers concussion, pulled off a 7-3 win vs the Packers last week while the Bucaneers survived a botched snap from the center to win vs the Redskins. The Bucs are still in the race for the wild card, however they are in the same divison as the Falcons & Saints. The Lions have that never say die attitude, but I like the Bucs since they are @ home & Raheem Morris got them boys swagger.

Houston vs Tennessee- Poor Matt Schaub. All that work to put that game in overtime & what happened? He throws an ill costed int for a pick 6 to end the game. The Titans just stink & it’s got so bad that Jeff Fisher may be fired after the yr, since bud Adams said he’s evaluating him the rest of the yr. I guess the Vince Young/Jeff Fisher rocky relationship has reached its last course. It’s a divisional battle, but I like the Texans to win this game. Kerry Collins outplaying Matt Schaub? C’mon son!!

Atlanta vs Seattle- The red hot Falcons head into the northwest to face Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde aka the Seahawks. The Falcons punked the Panthers last week while the Seahwaks were punked by the 49ers last week. If the playoffs started next week, the Falcons would be the no.1 seed w/ homefiled advantage & Matty Ice never loses in the Georgia. Falcons by 10.

Denver vs Oakland- Last time the Raiders & Broncos faced each other, the Raiders put up 59 pts on them. The Raiders still have hope to finish w/ a winning record this season while the Broncos haven’t been the same since Arizona of all teams dropped 44 pts on them. I guess the Josh McDaniels firing have rub some effects the wrong way. Raider nation will prevail in this game. Besides, they should had that game in Jacksonville.

N.Y. Jets vs Pittsburgh- The Jets are looking to get out of this funk they are in. How do you lose to the Dolphins 10-6 @ home. It was getting so bad that Rex was ready to pull Sanchez from the game. The Steelers, on the other hand, relied on their defense to pop the Bengals in the mouth last week. This will be a defensive battle. I’m going out on a limb & predict the Jets will snap out of it & defeat Pittsburgh by a field goal in Heinz Field.

Green Bay vs New England- The Pats have been on fire the last 3 weeks, scoring 30+pts the last 3 games. The Packers suffered a loss last week vs the Lions & Aaron Rodgers suffered a concussion for the 2nd time this season. He’s probably a gametime decision this week. No Rodgers, no chance for the Pack. Pats are hot. Pats by 14.


Chicago vs Ninnesota- Last week was a tough week for the Vikings. On Sunday, the Metrodome roof caved in, cancelling the game til Monday & relocating to Ford Field. Then, Favre’s streak ended @ 297 & Tavaris Jackson stunk it up in their loss to the Giants. The Bears were punked by the Pats in the snow @ home. The Vikings will be playing outdoors @ the University of Minnesota (real football weather) & they don’t know if Favre will be ready next game. Bears still chasing off the Packers for the NFC north. Bears by a field goal.

That’s my time for this week. Everyone been safe & have a safe holiday season since x-mas is next week.

PMeezy 10


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