NFL WEEK #14 here 2010

Posted: December 9, 2010 by djplaymaker in NFL

What’s good out there in the social network of sports freaks!!! Last week we had the Raiders sweeping the Chargers for the 1st time since 2001, the Ravens/ Steelers coming down to another epic classic, Don Meredith(RIP) & the game of the season was a no contest. I wonder what next week holds for us. It’s December, which means two things: cold weather games & most teams make that sarge to clinch playoffs. Let’s break down this week shall we.


Indianapolis vs Tennessee- The Colts are in a funk, losing 3 straight games & Peyton Manning’s in a slump/ having thrown 11 ints in the last 3 games, 4 have been pick 6’s. The Titans haven’t been the same since Vince Young was demoted & ruled out for the season. Last week, they couldn’t muster a td, settling for 3 fgs. In their lost to Jacksonville. I think Fisher’s gonna get axed after this season or Vince’s getting axed because this is like a bad marriage gone from bad to good to now worse. This is gonna be a close game, since it’s a divisional battle. However, if this was the game the Colts needed to wake up, it’ll be this game. Colts by 10


Cleveland vs Buffalo- Believe it or not, my Browns are still in the hunt for a wild card berth. Last week, they played a defensive battle & it came down to a game wiinning fg by Phil Dawson to defeat Miami in South Beach. That win made up for the Cav’s tanking in Lebron’s return game back home (ugh). The Bills, on the other hand have been playing out the season, but have hope on the future. However, they were outplayed last week by the Vikings. I see cold weather,& snow, so expect a smash mouth game. I like the Browns chance in this one. Browns by a field goal.

Green Bay vs Detroit- The Packers are still in the thick of his postseason race, having redeeming themselves after the loss in Atlanta by dominating the 49ers @ home last week. However, those throwback uniforms from 1929 were ugly. The Lions, on the other hand, had another close game vs the Bears slip away from them, this time losing @ home. This a big game for the Pack, as they can’t afford to lose ground on the Bears in the division. I see Packers winning by a touchdown, because the Lions won’t give up that easy.

N.Y. Giants vs Minnesota- The question regarding this week’s game: the status of Brett Favre. Favre left last week’s game w/ a sprained shoulder & Leslie Frazier says the decision is up to Favre whether to start this game or not. Tavaris Jackson, however w/ 3 ints, had 2 tds & Adrian Peterson stepped up their game to lead them to that victory vs the Bills. The Giants just ran over the Redskins as Brandon Jacobs & Ahmed Bradshaw had their way over the Redskins’ defense.. Giants are playing keep it close w/ the Eagles in the NFC East while the Vikngs are playing for Leslie Frazier’s job, even though they aren’t eliminated from playoff contention. Giants win by a field goal.

Cincinatti vs Pittsburgh- The Bengals had the funniest thang happened to them last week in their game vs the Saints. While holding a 3 pt lead in the game & the Saints going for it on 4th down, they bit on the hard count. It cost them the game as the Saints scored a few plays later. The Steelers had another nail biter w/ the Ravens, coming back to another 3 pt win. The win gave the Steelers the edge in the AFC north division over the Ravens. The Bengals haven’t live up to the hype they were suppose to produce. This season probably cost Marvin Lewis his job because I think he’s getting axed at the end of the season. I like the Steelers by 10.

Oakland vs Jacksonville- The Raiders did something that they hadn’t done in 9 ys: sweep the Chargers in the head to head series. They have a even record of 6-6. Which makes them tied w/ San Diego in 2nd place of the AFC west & w/ a couple losses by Kansas City, could bring them back in the thick of things in the AFC west. The Jags have the upper hand in the AFC south & have also play complete team ball. They finally got Maurice Jomes Drew going, after a few weeks of me bashing him because of his poor performances for my fantasy football team. This is gonna be a defensive battle,. If the Raiders want tto be taken serious, this is a game that could put them in the conversation of wild card teams. However, too much firepower in Jacksonville. Jags by 3.

Atlanta vs Carolina- The Falcons & Rodney Dangerfield have something in common: they aren’t getting any respect. Last week, the Falcons had to come back for a 10 pt deficit to defeat the Bucaneers & in the process made them the 1st team to have 10 wins this season. The Panthers on the other hand, just got punked by Seattle last week. Even though they 10 wins, they should watch their back because New Orleans is slowly creeping back in this race. The Falcons should handle business in this game. Falcons by 14.

Tampa Bay vs Washington- Congratulations to Albert Haynesworth! His latest rant got him suspended for the rest of season & without pay. I’m telling you, why didn ‘t they release him before the season? They wouldn’t still be paying his hefty contract if they had let him go. The Bucs are just trying to redeem themselves after that close loss from the Falcons. Raheem has a great team & I see them winning a close game in this contest. Bucs by a field goal.

St. Louis vs New Orleans- The Saints face the surprising Rams in the dome in this contest. Last week, the Saints had to come back to beat the Bengals. The Rams had just enough Steven Jackson & enough Sam Bradford to defeat the Cardinals, making them @ 6-6, & in a 1st place tie w/ Seattle in the NFC west. Honestly, who would had thought the Rams & Raiders would be still in the thick of the season when it matters? The Saints are making that run & they should be thanking the Falcons & Bucs because they were getting all the attention & no one was thinking about them. I see the Saints winning a 10 pt game right here.

Seattle vs San Francisco- Mike Singletary is gonna back to Alex Smith to help turn this season & possibility save his job this week vs the Seahawks. Last week, the 49ers ran into a buzz-saw that was the Green Bay Packers & the Seahawks should been happy the Panthers are garbage because it got them back to their winning ways & tied w/ the Rams in the suckiest division of all divisions in the NFL. Last time the Seahawks & 49ers played each other, it was week 1 & Pete Carroll had put it on them in his Seahawks debut, prompting Singletary to drop that line of thanking them for that ass whipping”. I don’t know which Seahawks would show up & I wonder how Alex would respond being back in the frontline. I can see the 49ers winning this game because they know their division very well. 49ers by 3.

New England vs Chicago- On Monday, Tom Brady officially snatch the MVP award from Michael Vick. In the game of the season vs the Jets, he threw 4 tds & made this game a no contest in the 1st half as the Pats whipped the Jets 45-3. The Bears had to come back to defeat the Lions & should thank that official for giving Suh that weak ass personal foul penalty. This is a great test for the Bears, as they want to prove they belong in the elite of the NFC’s top teams. They sent a statement to Vick two weeks ago. I wqonder what can they do to Brady. I’m calling an upset here. Bears by a Gould field goal.

Miami vs NY. Jets- The Jets would have a lot to explaining to do after their pathetic performance on Monday night. The Pats proved to them that they “weren’t reasdy for primetime”. The Dolphins should blame Chad Henne for their loss vs the Browns as he threw 3 ints & let Jake Delhomme outplayed him. The game’s in the Meadowlands, which means the Jets better have a fast start in this game or else expect to hear the boo birds come out early. I like the Jets to rebound in they way they know how: with defense. Jets by 10.

Denver vs Arizona- Josh McDaniels was the latest coach axed when he got fired on Monday. Pretty much, they were still pissed about Spy Gate 2, even after Bowlen gave him the dreaded vote of confidence. The Cardinals got embarrassed again @ home, this time to the Rams. At least they didn’t have to worrying about Derek Anderson laughing on the sidelines in that loss. This game means nothing in the standing but pride. I see the Broncos winning this game, because Orton’s a better quarterback than Max Hall & Derek Anderson combined. Broncos by 14.

Kansas City vs San Diego- The Chiefs head into Qualcomn to face the Chargers in this bitter AFC West contest. The Chargers saw their winning streak of December wins snapped @ 6 I think when they lost to the Raiders last week. They Chiefs had an ugly win last week vs the Broncos. They already proved to themselves they can win a road game when they beat the Seahawks 2 weeks ago. The Chargers are looking to snap back into reality. I can see the Chargers bouncing back. But they have to establish the run not relie on Rivers throwing his arm out. I like a 3 pt Charger win in this contest.

Philadelphia vs Dallas- The Cowboys have won 3 of their last 4 w/ Gattett as their coach. He has brought a new attitude in that locker room. The Eagles on the other hand, are winning enough to just keep the Giants breathing off their backs. The Cowboys won the season series last yr, including that wild card game. Vick & company would love to repay the favor in round one of the 2010 series. Remember, the Giants are still breathing down their necks, so every game counts. Eagles by a touchdown.


Baltimore vs Houston- The Ravens are looking to redeem themselves after choking that game vs the Steelers last week while the Texans are looking for answers after their loss vs the Eagles on Thursday. The Ravens are still in the playoff chase while the Texans are still in the hunt. It’ll be close, but the Ravens w/ enough defense, will find a way to sneak this one out. Ravens by 3.

That’s all I got for this week. Remember, we’re coming back very soon. Any replies, you can hit me back on my facebook page @ playmaker10 or @



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