2010 NFL Unlucky Week 13

Posted: December 1, 2010 by djplaymaker in NFL

What’s good America! Last week, we saw couple exciting games. Andre Johnson vs Cortland Finnegan, the Bears having the blueprint to slow down Michael Vick & winning the game & last but not least, Derek Anderson joining Dennis Green in Arizona Cardinals meltdown history. Let’s see what week 13 has for us.


Houston vs Philadelphia- The Eagles are coming off a close game versus the Bears. It shouldn’t been that close because the Bears defense slowed down Vick & Jay Cutler outplayed him. The Texans won their game, but Andre Johnson was their biggest story after fighting w/ Cortland Finnegan.. Both were fined $25K, but Kubiak gave Johnson the game ball becauae of his offensive production in that game. Imagine if he got suspended that game. Any way, the Eagles will have to look to redeem themselves after their performance in Chi-town. Plus, they have those Giants breathing down their neck. Eagles by 7. I hope their defense can slow down Schaub & Anderson.


Buffalo vs Minnesota- The Bills head into Minnesota after their overtime loss to the Steelers. Steve Johnson went from hero to goat in a week, dropping 4 passes, including the potential game winner in overtime. The Vikings won their 1st game under Leslie Frazier, but it came at a cost when Adrian Peterson suffered a high ankle sprain in that game. Both teams aen’t looking for postseason, but want to finish strong for the rest of the season. Vikings by a field goal. I hope Frazier turns Favre into a game manager.

Cleveland vs Miami- The Browns take their talents to South Beach this week to face the Dolphins. Last week, they survived a comeback from the Panthers & held on to a 1 pt win. Peyton Hillis was the story, rushing for over 131 yrds rushing & 3 tds, surpassing Kevin Mack’s single season record of 10 rushing tds in a single season. The Dolphins just got tired of Tyler Thigpen runiing that offense, put Chad Henne back in & rolled on the Raiders. Honestly. I don’t want to see Delhomme behind center, because he gets me nervous & he only played because McCoy got hurt & I don’t know Seneca Wallace wasn’t healthy enough yet. Cut down on the mistakes & the Browns win a close game by 5.

Jacksonville vs Tennessee- Both AFC South rivals are heading in different directions. The Jags, even though they lost last week to the Giants, are starting to look better while the Titans haven’t been the same since the Jeff Fisher/ Vince Young confrontation. The Tiitans not only lost to the Texans last week, but Finnegan got whopped on by Andre Johnson. Jags lead the AFC south while the Titans sre under .500. I know the Titans will put up a fight, even w/ Kerry Collins at quarterback, but the Jags win a close game by a Scobee field goal.

New Orleans vs Cincinnatti- Brees & company survived a thanksgiving thriller in Dallas. This week, they have to face a Bengals team who hasn’t lived up to the hype since T.O joined the team. They looked like a dead team walking in New York Thursday & might end up finishing in last place in the AFC north if they don’t get their act together. The Saints hope this win gives them their swagger as the postseason push heats up. Since the Bengals are the team in panic mode, I guess the Saints should win this game by 10 pts.

Denver vs Kansas City- Congrats to the Chiefs, who proved that they can win on the road as they manhandled the Seahawks last week. As long they have Dwayne Bowe catching passes from matt Cassel, that offense is clicking. The Broncos had a rough week, losing to the Rams & Josh McDaniels pulling Spygate 2 on the 49ers, yet they lost that game. It almost cost him his job, but Bowlen gave him that dreaded vote of confidence. It’s a divisional battle, so expect a lot of hard hitting & it’s the rematch since Haley snubbed McDaniels on the postgame handshake. Chiefs @ home= 7 pt win.

Washington vs N.Y. Giants- NFC east divisional rivals clash in the Big Apple for this match-up. The Giants sorta found their mojo back in their win over Jacksonville while the Redskins lost in Leslie Frazier’s debut as Vikings head coach. The Redskins at 5-6, believe of not are still in the hunt for a wild card berth while the Giants are battling the Eagles for the NFC east crown. The game’s in the Meadowlands, so I like the Giants in this contest. Plus for some obvious reason, Osi Uneymora plays his best when he faces Donovan McNabb.

Chicago vs Detroit- I wonder if the Bears got everyone’s respect in the NFC after their performance vs the Eagles. They are 8-3, but aren’t getting any love beause they don’t know which Bears team show up or better yet, which Jay Cutler shows up. The Lions are the Lions, just another doorstep for a team to win. Bears by 14.

San Francisco vs Green Bay- Great win by the 49ers last night, but it sucks that they lost Frank Gore for the rest of the season because of a hip injury. The Packers probably want to kill themselves after their bonehead facemask call help the Falcons win that game last week. If that was a preview of the NFC title game, the league got their money & ratings worth. Both teams are still in the hunt to win their respective divisions (sad that the NFC west is the worst division in football). I like the Packers chances since they are in Lambeau, but it’ll be close because Singletary will make it close. Packers by 3.

Oakland vs San Diego- Once again, them Chargers are making their usual push for the AFC west @ the right time who’s in their path this week? The Raiders. I know the Raiders won the 1st matchup in the Bay, but this is a different Charger they are going to face. If Vincent Jackson was healthy this game, the aerial attack will open up & Rivers will have all his weapons. What the hell happened to the Raiders? They were the surprise early on, but now fell back into reality. Chargers on a roll, win by 7.

Atlanta vs Tampa Bay- The rematch from two weeks ago happens again. The Falcons are on sky high after their overtime win over the Packers while the Bucs had a close one vs the Ravens last week. Let’s see what Freman & company got in store for them in Tampa. Morris has them believing their hype. Still in the chase for the playoffs, but ATL’s too much. Falcons by 3.

Dallas vs Indianapolis- Peyton Manning was playing Brett Favre last week vs the Chargers. He thrown 4 ints, has 7 ints in the last 2 games & may not win 12 games this yr. the cowboys put up a great effort on Thanksgiving, but Roy Williams had to just get stripped by Jenkins , plus the kicker pulled that kick in the last few seconds. Something has to give, but I like the Colts’ chances this week, but it’ll be an ugly win. Colts by a touchdown.

St. Louis vs Arizona- The battle of the NFC west continues as the Cardinals host the Rams. The Rams held off the Broncos last week while the Cardinals were punked by the 49ers & in the process had the Derek Anderson meltdown. If it wasn’t funny losing by 20+ pts, then answer the question the reporter asked you. It’s bad enough that someone in that division will win that title w/a 7-9 record. The Rams are still young, but Bradford gives them hopes. Rams by 7.

Carolina vs Seattle- The Seahawaks look to get rid of that bad taste the Chiefs left them last week when they got the Panthers this week. I know the Panthers have nothing to prove, but they never quit on their coach, like some teams do when ther season is over. They gave my Browns a close one.. Pete Carroll’s probably thinking I should had stayed @ SC, but yet again he can go to the postseason w/ the Seahawks rather sit @ home cuz the Trojans aren’t going to no bowl games. I like the Seahawks to respond in a real way. Seahawks by 10

Pittsburgh vs Baltimore- NBC gets a defensive battle this week as the Steelers & Ravens get it on in B-More- The Ravens won the 1st matchup this yr on a Flaco to Houmenzadiah td w/ 30 seconds left. The Steelers still didn’t have Ben then as he was surving that 4 game suspension. Expect a lot of hard hitting & trust me, it will be a close game because the winning margin has by 3 pts. Oh yeah, I wonder if James Harrison will be penalized again for another hard shot because he can’t catch a break from the officiating. I hate both teams, but hate the Steelers w/a passion. Ravens by a field goal. How do you like that “Black & Yellow”/


N.Y Jets vs New England- Round 2 of the best rivalry in the AFC east. Jets won the 1st matchup in the meadowlands. Expect a lot of bulletin board material from Rex Ryan.( nice one w/ your wife modeling Jets’ gear for NFL shop). Both teams are 9-2, but the Patroits haven’t accomplish anything yet, according to their quarterback & UGG boots spokesperson for guys Tom Brady. Can’t wait for this game. I got ride w/ the J-E-T-S JETS JETS because I hate Belechik. Jets by 10.

That’s it for week 13. Happy b-day to my favorite go-go dancer Brianna Ortiz, the homie Woodstock, & who ever else a b-day this weekend. I’m out. Peace



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