week 12 preview

Posted: November 24, 2010 by djplaymaker in NFL

Wow, we got a great season going on in the NFL. Last week we saw Sanchez to Holmes for the win again, Big Ben getting pimp slapped by Richard Seymour, Jeff Fisher vs Vince Young again, & Chilly finally get fired. Let’s see what this week holds for us.


New England vs Detroit- The Pats are this year’s opponents for the Lions in the thanksgiving day affair. Last week, the Pats survived a comeback from Peyton Manning to hold off the Colts while the Lions got handled by the Cowboys. I wonder how much the Pats are gonna win by since the Lions haven’t won on thanksgiving since Barry Sanders playing days. Ain’t no need to say much about this game. Lions by 21.

New Orleans vs Dallas- The Saints gets the Cowboys in their thanksgiving affair. Jason Garrett has lit a fire in the Cowboys, winning two in a row. The Saints, on the other hand, finally scored 30+ pts in a game last week when they beat the Seahawks. I would say this is a big test for Garrett, but he already won his 1st game vs the Giants. Both coaches are young & I would like this contest if Romo was healthy, but Kitna’s held his own the last two games. However, I like Brees’ chances this game. Saints by 7. Sorry Letty!!!

Cincinnati vs N.Y. Jets- The Jets have found ways to win games as last week proved. Santonio Holmes must be Kobe Bryant for the Jets because he’s had a big play in the Jets’ final drives the last 3 games. The Bengals, on the other hand, should be ashamed of themselves after blowing a 20+ lead to Buffalo & ended up losing the game. It’s gotta so bad that T.O. called the team “terrible”, including himself. Now’s he’s pulling a Randy Moss & popping off on Darelle Revis, calling him an average cornerback. Yo, Terell, look at your team’s record, then pop off. Jets by 3.


Jacksonville vs N.Y. Giants- The new cardiac kids invade the Meadowlands for this early contest. Last week, David Girrad lead a miraculous drive to beat my Browns, while Eli Manning choked his way to the Giants losing to the Eagles(learn to slide son), This game means more to the Giants because another loss may put Coughlin in the hot seat. Then again, coaching a team in New York makes you already in the hot seat. Both teams have to make a push, but I can see the Giants stepping up & winning a close game by a field goal. Giants by 3.

Pittsburgh vs Buffalo- A week after popping the Raiders in the mouth, the Steelers get another cream puff in Buffalo this week. I know the Bills have won already 2 games w/ Ryan Fitzpatrick behind center & Steve Johnson being the top receiver, but they are about to hit a buzzsaw in the Steelers. I wonder if James Harrison is gonna be careful whenever he hits a Bills player because he’s been in Goodell’s doghouse for his shots on players. I like the Steelers(ugh) to win big. Steelers by 21.

Tennessee vs Houston- I would want to be the Texans this game because the Titans have been in the news this week w/the Jeff Fisher/Vince Young situation. He gets hurt, Fisher doesn’t put him back in, he throws a fit & throws his shoulder pads in the stands. It gets worse. He’s demoted, now he’s out for the yr. I wonder who’s staying in this situation. At least the Texans have no drama thios week. They just had vicory snatched from them by the Jets last week. For some reason, I think Houston’s gonna win. Rusty Smith beating Matt Schaub? C’MON SON!!!

Green Bay vs Atlanta- This is gonna be the NFC game of the day. Both teams are up there in the discussion for who’s the best team in the NFC. Green Bay spanked Minnesota so bad that Chilly got fired while the Falcons survived a challenge from the Rams & won. Both teams have great young quarterbacks in Matt Ryan & Aaron Rodgers. The defenses are spectatular for both teams, meaning this will be a toss up for me to choose. If I had to choose, I like the Falcons because they are home, however if this game was in Lambeau, I would chosen the Packers because of their experience in cold weather games. Falcons by 3.

Carolina vs Cleveland- The Browns had another heart-breaking loss last week & hope to get back on the winning side of things this week as the Panthers visit the stadium. Carolina last week was just punked by the Ravens. Maybe it was because they started Brian St. Pierre, who hadn’t thrown a NFL pass in 9 yrs coming into that game last week. They might start Jimmy Clausen, but it doesn’t matter because I like Colt McCoy’s chances, plus throw a lot Peyton Hillis here & there. Browns by 3.

Minnesota vs Washington- The Leslie Frazier era starts this week. New slate as they head to D.C to face the Redskins. The Redskins last week went into overtime & beat the Titans. They should have to thank Jeff Fisher for that win. The Vikings were just embarrassed last week. Favre’s starting this week, but I betcha in someway, Donovan McNabb was glad he didn’t come to Minnesota. I know if he thinks his experience w/ the Skins is screwed, imagine it if he was in Minnesota. I like the Skins by a field goal.

Kansas City vs Seattle- The Seahawks were embarrassed in New Orleans, but still lead the NFC west while the Chiefs rolled over the Cards last week @ home. I know the chiefs have trouble winning on the road, but if they want to be taken seriously, they have to win on the road. This could be the game they can actually do it in. Chiefs by 7.

Miami vs Oakland- Both teams aren’t looking good after their performances last week. Miami was shutout by the Bears (Tyler Thigpen as starting quarterback & Brandon Marshall getting hurts doesn’t help) while the Raiders ran into the “black & yellow”, however it was cool seeing Seymour pimp slapping Ben. Sad it cost him $25k though. It’ll be a defensive battle, but it comes down to which quarterback manages the ball well between Campbell & Thigpen. Raiders still a shot for the postseason though while the dolphins still have to compete w/ the Jets & New England. Raider Nation by 7.

Philadelphia vs Chicago- The Eagles headed into Chi-town to face the Bears in this contest. Both teams coming off wins, Bears shutting out Miami while the Eagles beat the Giants. Michael Vick didn’t have the same performance he had on Monday night, but he still found a way to win that game. He’s gonna face another tough defense in the Bears. Expect a 21-14 game, depends on how Cutler does. Both teams are up there for top seed in NFC. However, I like the Eagles to win in Chi-town.

St. Louis vs Denver- The Rams can still make a chase in the NFC west. However, they would have to come to Denver in this contest. The Broncos were just exposed by the Chargers last night while the Rams had a mental mistake by Bradford hurt them in their lost to the Falcons. High scoring affair, but for some reason, I think the Broncos are gonna win because they are @ home. Broncos by 7

Tampa Bay vs Baltimoire- Talking about smash mouth football, This is that game right here. The Bucs looking for respect in the NFC while the Ravens are trying to put everyone on notice in the AFC. Both teams looked impressive last week, Tampa shutting out the 49ers while the Ravens punking the Panthers. The game’s in Baltimore, so I like the Ravens chances. I think their defense is gonna make life a living hell for Josh Freeman & company. Ravens by 7.

San Diego vs Indianapolis- The Bolts are looking to make their late season push again as they head into Indy to face the Colts. The Chargers are the only team, besides the Pats, that gives the Colts troubles. It’s gonna get better now they got Vincent Jackson back. Last night, they dominated Denver & won even w/out Ryan Matthews & Anotonio Gates, Indy last week, basically Peyton Manning, couldn’t shake that Pats’ mystique. It made it a screwed up weekend for the Manning family. I expect a high scoring game. I like the Chargers to win this one because they match-up well w/ the Colts.


San Francisco vs Arizona- The Cards & 49ers conclude this week as the Monday night game. Both teams are struggling, however since they are in the NFC west, they still have a shot. Last week, the 49ers got shut out by Tampa while the Cards got whipped by their former assistant coach Todd Haley & the Chiefs, 49ers always match-up well versus the Cardinals, so I think they’ll win this game. Besides, who thinks Derek Anderson’s gonna outplay Troy Smith. 49ers by 7.

That’s it for week 12. Before I bounce, shoutouts to Chris & Dez Claiborne & happy b-day shoutouts to my dj mentors Danny “D-Side” Anderson, Albert “Plan B” Lopez & to my older brother Darryl Brewster. Any replies/ hit them up on my facebook page @facebook.com/djplaymaker10 or @ neitherworldradio.wordpress.com.



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